Kristen Suzanne is an accomplished Raw food chef and former competitive bodybuilder. Through radio, television, books, classes, and her blog and email newsletter, Chef Kristen Suzanne helps people live life to the fullest with the healthiest cuisine in the world.

Kristen is based in Scottsdale, AZ, and offers the following services:

Author of Raw food recipe and lifestyle books

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Are Plants a Good Source of Water?

Water is critical for your body. The great thing about raw fruits and vegetables is that they're rich in pure water. Our bodies are 70% water. You should still drink water when waking in the morning and between meals, because having a water-rich diet keeps you hydrated. It's true that you tend to drink less water when eating a High Raw diet because you're getting plenty of water in your foods, as opposed to cooking it out. (All that steam you see coming off of a hot cooked meal is the water your body is supposed to be getting from food itself, just like every other animal on the planet.) You'll want to drink more water if you're dehydrating some of your Raw food. In general, try not to drink during meals, as the added liquid will dilute your digestive enzymes. It's better to drink 30 minutes before, or 1.5 hours after you eat.

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The above is one of the more frequently asked questions that come up when I give classes and talks about Raw food. For a very comprehensive introduction to Raw Food lifestyle and expert tips and advice on making it work for you, see my ebook:

Kristen's Raw: The EASY Way to Get Started & SUCCEED with Raw Food