Friday, June 20th, 2008

Pure Delight Smoothie & Vegan, Organic Beauty

by Kristen Suzanne in beauty

Here is a new staple smoothie recipe for the summer. It’s so simple, delicious, delightful, light, refreshing, nourishing, beautiful, and vibrant. And, guess what? That’s how you’ll feel after only one sip (or gulp, in my case!).

Pure Delight
1 cup water
2 med. bananas

2 med. lacinato kale leaves

1 cucumber, chopped

Give this energy filled lusciousness a whirl in your blender and enjoy with delight.

It’s beauty time girls! In my quest for healthy body care products, I came upon an amazing company. Oh my, let me just tell you, their stuff is exquisite. If you’re looking for organic, vegan and living skin care (my kind of stuff!), then hop on over to Raw Gaia. They use only the most natural, pure, and unadulterated ingredients to make products that are truly healthy for your skin. I’m madly in love with their Sun-dried Green Clay Face Pack – It’s a must have.

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