Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

Pregnancy Prep: Remove Amalgam Fillings…Check!

by Kristen Suzanne in Detox

On Monday I had my amalgam fillings removed because the mercury that amalgam fillings release can be a dangerous toxin for a fetus. Moreover, dental amalgams are a source of mercury that can be found in breast milk. Yikes! I’m not taking any chances… so, out they went.

Now, I really like my dentist, and going to the dentist (in general) has never been my favorite thing to do. You know how public speaking is the number one fear for most people? Well, that’s a piece of cake (Raw Vegan) for me. Going to the dentist…well, that’s another story. As a result, even though I’m confident in my dentist’s abilities and modern equipment, I’m now taking extra precautions and kicking up my detox a bit post-amalgam-removal with loads of vitamin C rich Raw Vegan foods and and Heavy Metal Nano-Detox.


On to today’s Raw Vegan food:
Ultimate Meal doctored with freshly ground organic milk thistle seeds, Vitamineral Green, and Manitoba Harvest Hemp Protein Powder. (I’m still full from it hours later!)
Later today
I’ll enjoy a huge leafy green salad topped with cucumbers, carrots, hemp seeds, and a delicious avocado dressing (going to be so good!)
Women’s Balancing Tea
Harvest Blend Soup
Lots of water

And… I’m sure I’ll be nibbling on some goodies late tonight since we’re continuing our marathon of Alias dvds (we’re on season two).

Daily Conversation Question:
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