Friday, July 11th, 2008

A Nourishing Day In Spite Of Monsoon Clouds

by Kristen Suzanne in pregnancy

Today in Arizona it’s pretty cloudy (although I do see some sun peeking through the clouds). As it’s monsoon season, it’s common to have cloudy days as well as lots of storms at night. While I like the beautiful storms in the desert, I’m not a fan of cloudy days. This is because I grew up in Michigan where it’s common to have gloomy and cloudy days… one of the reasons I moved to Arizona was for the sunshine.

So, today, with the gray clouds looming above, it felt like a day of nourishing for my mind, spirit, and body. Here’s what I did:

I put on yoga-type meditation music and started my day. Even though I was working away at the laptop, I was filled with peace, calm, and relaxation.

Danced with my dog. Yup, I danced with my dog which makes my heart soar. He’s my bud!

I’m filling my body (as usual) with deliciously healthy food; and, in spite of the clouds, I feel vibrant, full of sunshine (must be from all of the chlorophyll-rich plants I eat), alive, and full of nourishing energy.

Today’s Raw Food Plan:
Heavy Metal Nano Detox
Vitamineral Green – 1 heaping tablespoon in a cup of water, chugged down fast. This is now a ritual I look forward to, in spite of the extremely green taste. I feel so energized and buzzing with life when having this daily.
Pines Wheat Grass Tablets – I take the 1st serving of these with my cup of green powder noted above.
Plant Blood
cucumber, celery, dinosaur kale… I love love love Plant Blood. I love the way it feels going down my throat, esophagus, and into my tummy. You know how red wine can give you that warm feeling inside your body as it travels through you after a sip… well, it’s similar for fresh Plant Blood for me, only it’s invigorating, cooling, refreshing, and full of life.
– hhhmmm… talk about extra nourishment for my pregnancy planning bod!

Hemp Shake – water, banana, apple, Vitamineral Green powder (1 tsp), Manitoba Harvest Hemp Protein Powder, and 1 tablespoon Milk Thistle Seeds.
Heavenly salad full of fresh ingredients
: home grown sprouts (broccoli and alfalfa), avocado, and radishes.
Plant Blood
– apple, dinosaur kale
If hungry later, I’ll eat more sauerkraut along with fresh veggies

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