Monday, September 29th, 2008

My Weekend…

by Kristen Suzanne in Uncategorized

I had a great class this weekend… so much fun. I love teaching about Raw food and spreading the word. I get so many questions during my classes, which I love because it shows me that people are eager to learn more.

Next up… preparing for my October class (scheduled for 10/25), Raw Holidays. Last year, this class sold out EARLY, and it was so much fun. As many people reported, “The pumpkin pie alone is worth the price of admission.”

Today, I’m back to work, drinking organic plant blood and green smoothies, and gobbling up fresh salads and bananas. I’m all out of sprouts, so I need to soak some seeds tonight and get those growing again. I could eat sprouts by the mouthful. They’re so watery, fresh and crunchy.

I’m hoping to find time this week for movies. There are 4-5 out that I want to see over the next week and half! Oh, and of course, I’m stoked about this week’s VP debate. I think I’ll whip up an extra special Raw Vegan treat to munch on while we watch it.

Tomorrow, I’m going to post a delicious recipe for all of you Raw chocolate lovers out there!

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