Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Tuesday’s Raw Food & Exercise

by Kristen Suzanne in Uncategorized

Today is filled with delicious, super nutritious, fresh organic raw vegan food that fuels my body with energy, relaxes my digestion, strengthens my immune system, and gives me “the glow.”

~ 1 quart plant blood (carrots, cucumber, celery, kale)
~ 1 quart Fluffy Green Protein Smoothie (water, spinach, apples,
Manitoba Harvest Protein Powder, and cinnamon)
~ 1 banana

~ 1 cup water with 1 T
Vitamineral Green Powder, 1/2 t camu powder, 1/4 t liquid B-vitamins
~ 1 avocado

~ 2 cups Raw soup

~ 1 quart Fluffy Green Protein Smoothie

~ 2 Pecan Spiced Delight Cookies (oh my! soooo good!)

I’m watching politics all day (pres. debate is tonight… whoo-hoo!!!) and working on my laptop. I have my timer set to go off every hour so I get up and jump on my rebounder for 5 minutes. I’ll do this about 6-7 times throughout the day. It’s an easy and fun way to get my heart rate up and my lymph flowing. It’s an exercise that Kris Carr recommends in her Crazy Sexy Cancer dvd, which I highly recommend watching. You don’t have to have cancer to get a lot out of this documentary. It’s inspiring and motivating from a preventative aspect. You can get it
online here or rent it at most Blockbuster stores.

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