Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Happy November! – Special Thanks!

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YIPPEE!! It’s already November, which means that it’s closer to the holidays!!! YAY!!! I love this time of year. Would you believe that we’re going to put up our Christmas tree soon? Not only that, but I’ve already made my shopping list for the holiday season – I can’t help myself sometimes :)

As you know, it’s a new month and with the new month comes my awesome giveaway. I have a super exciting giveaway for November, so be on the look out for that in the coming week!

I’ve been extra busy this week working on new Kristen’s Raw projects – ALL VERY EXCITING! I’m filled with peace and joy at the direction of my life. Every day I wake up feeling grateful, happy and full of energy.

SPECIAL THANKS – I’ve received so many emails from people telling me how much they enjoy my blog and website and how I’ve helped them. It’s humbling and very exciting to get that feedback. Thank you – I appreciate every one of them and love hearing from you.

VOTING – Are you voting today? If not, please get out there and do so straight away. I voted by early ballot a while back and I’ve been wearing my “I voted early” sticker every day since. It’s a little mangy though – haha – so I’m using packaging tape to stick it on me.

RECIPE – I’ve been asked to post my Cherry Chocolate Brownies. (They are delish!) You can look forward to that recipe soon.

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