Friday, November 14th, 2008

A FUN Testimonial – Monkey Play Date

by Kristen Suzanne in Uncategorized

I’ve been dying to post this super cute testimonial I received recently, where monkeys loved one of my recipes. Here is the story…

“I made those delicious hazelnut chocolate snowballs and omg!! They were AWESOME! I’m goin tomorrow to get more ingredients! I brought em to a monkey ‘play date’ and the monkeys were allowed to eat them cuz they were raw – They were all LOVIN em- pretty funny!”

When I asked for permission to post the testimonial, here is what she added…

ABSOLUTELY!! I actually made them as my ‘covered dish’ I had to bring – well, the monkeys ate them ALL. The people in our monkey group are pretty careful about what they feed the monks so when I told them about the raw, natural ingredients… it was all a go – I took a couple of pictures because they were going so fast…”

“This is Lorraine (first 2 pictures) – when I offered her a bite, she grabbed the whole thing and spun around and ate it as fast as she could to keep from getting it taken away – (it was so good, she was sure she wasn’t supposed to have it)

Lali (3rd picture) ate one and her dad didn’t want her to spoil her dinner, so here she is BEGGIN for another with that sweet face…

Want the recipe that the monkeys are so crazy about? Here it is!

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