Friday, November 28th, 2008

Raw Vegan – Crazed For Fuyu Persimmons

by Kristen Suzanne in Uncategorized

One of my happiest times of the year is when persimmons become available. They are a delicious fruit that is slightly sweet, with a little crunch. I love them.

After working out the other night, we took a trip to Whole Foods where they were “singing me to them” (a line from the movie, Australia – loved that movie, it took my breath away!). Anyway… I bought a bunch of them and could clearly not wait until I got home to eat one. I dove right into the bag my husband was carrying before we even got to the car. I pulled one out, smelled it, adored it, and basically worshiped it right then and there. Crazy, I know. But, when you’re hungry and one of your favorite treats is in your hands – well, I just couldn’t help myself. I started chowing down, moaning, no napkin to wipe the juice dripping down my face and hands, just using my sleeve and pants.

I was finished in seconds, literally. And, after a moment of sadness that it was already gone I glanced over at my husband with a dazed look in my eyes (by now, we’re in the car driving to another store in the next complex). He was cracking up at my behavior. Crazed as I was, like a vampire after having only a little taste (huge Twilight fan girl here), I threw off my seat belt and was diving into the back seat of the car after another persimmon. Ahhhh… persimmons.

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