Monday, December 1st, 2008

Kristen’s Raw 4th Awesome Giveaway – Raw Holiday Book!

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It’s that time again… my monthly giveaway. This month’s gift? A copy of my newly published book in print, Kristen Suzanne’s Easy Raw Vegan Holidays. And, GREAT NEWS – This month’s contest is not limited to people living in the continental United States, because if someone wins who lives outside the continental U.S., I will send you the ebook version instead.

A little info about the gift:
This great little book gives you fabulous Raw recipes, tips and tricks for navigating the fall and winter holidays. On one hand, holidays are very social occasions that usually focus around food, which can raise issues for Raw food enthusiasts, such as how to explain your food preferences to family, hosts, and visitors, and how to deal with temptations to stray from healthful habits.

On the other hand, again, the holidays are about FOOD. This presents a fantastic opportunity to try some super fun and delicious, seasonal recipes! There is perhaps no better way to start dabbling in Raw or to introduce the cuisine to others… the sheer novelty of Raw holiday food is certain to stimulate conversation. You’d be amazed how some people’s ears perk up when they hear how great, fun, delicious and cool the Raw vegan lifestyle is.

Excited? Want the chance to win? Simply answer the following question in the comment section for this post. At the end of three days (Wednesday night, Dec. 3rd @ 11:59pm) I’ll enter everyone’s name who answered the question into a drawing and announce the winner on my blog Thursday.

From the following “types” of Raw vegan foods, which is your favorite to eat?

a) Beverages (smoothies, juice, elixirs)
b) Soups

c) Salads

d) Desserts

e) Entree-like foods (pate, lasagna, burritos, quiche, etc)

f) Sides/Snacks (cheese dip, hummus, veggie crudite, etc)

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