Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

A Look Ahead – Obama’s Cabinet

by Kristen Suzanne in Uncategorized

Vilsack might not be a bad choice for Secretary of Agriculture after all. According to Michael Markarian (featured through Wayne Parcelle’s Blog of The Humane Society):

Vilsack has a solid record on animal protection, and he was the top choice of HSUS and HSLF to lead the USDA, the agency that oversees our federal laws on animal welfare, humane slaughter and transport, horse protection, animal fighting, and others. Nearly 90,000 animal advocates contacted the transition team through our website, expressing how important it was to pick an animal-friendly Agriculture Secretary and recommending Vilsack as an excellent choice. The Obama Administration listened to your views, and this appointment demonstrates what an important voice animal advocates can have as a political constituency.Read more here.

And, according to the Washington PostVilsack pledged that the agriculture department would play a role in “providing American leadership on climate change and making America a nation truly dedicated to health and nutrition.”

I’m relieved he’s animal friendly – that’s for sure. I just hope he smartens up about organics, too. It’s his job to follow Obama’s lead, which according to his campaign – Obama is pro-organic!

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