Friday, June 12th, 2009

High Raw Food Intake Thursday – Mallomar Disaster!

by Kristen Suzanne in new york

Today is Friday and it’s another gloomy day in NY. I seriously thought today would be the day that I bust open the drapes upon waking and there’d be sunshine pouring through the windows, but no, it’s completely foggy and overcast again. Are we in Seattle? The constant drizzle is… well, so constant.

Here is my High Raw food intake for Thursday.

I started the day with a cup of herbal tea and a bowl of steel cut oatmeal with a splash of organic soy milk (no, I don’t mind organic soy milk in small quantities from time to time). We had a business breakfast meeting and I’m just not crazy about fruit in a “diner” setting. I’d rather have something “cooked” and low-fat vegan in a setting like that. Then, for most of the afternoon I drank water.

Evening time rolled around and we went to One Lucky Duck. I started my meal with a fresh organic plant blood (greens, lemon, ginger). One of the biggest things I miss when traveling is fresh organic plant blood (green juice), but when you’re in NY there are quite a few options (yay!). 

Then, I had the Taco Salad. It was pretty good, although quite heavy with having not only guacamole, nut sour cream, and nut meat, but also a lot of dressing on it. Even though I would prefer less dressing, I’d still probably get the salad again someday if I were really hungry. 

Finally… it was dessert time. Oh, the desserts at One Lucky Duck. I’m instantly transported into heaven every time. I started my dessert feast with one of my favorites, the Mallomar. But upon taking my second bite, I dropped it on the floor! Crap! I was so bummed. No “five second” rule here, friends, the floor was not very clean considering it’d been raining all day and people were trekking through the place with wet, dirty shoes from the subway, NY streets, etc. I sadly picked up my smished Mallomar and went up to the counter, alligator tear in my eye (not really, but it could have been for how bummed I was) and I gave it to the One Lucky Duck gal. I walked back to the table, mourning my Mallomar. But… One Lucky Duck Team came to my rescue! Five minutes later the gal behind the counter came over with a new one for me. I was one happy girl!

We quickly realized though that the Mallomars still wouldn’t be enough for us, so my husband and I shared a pint of their Raw ice cream. A pint, yes. A little overboard? Sure. But, we’re in NY and we’re at One Lucky Duck! It’s not like I could take it back to the hotel with me… gotta eat it all! And, so we did. It was wonderful. 

Before leaving One Lucky Duck, I bought a bottle of their Norwalk juice. This is juice extracted with a Norwalk juicer which gently juices the produce, meaning that the result is reduced oxidation and increased shelf life. The juice will usually stay pretty fresh when stored properly (airtight container) for a few days. I grabbed a Norwalk green juice to go so I could alkalize a little in the hotel before going to bed. 

Ahhh… such a lovely day of food. Yum! I LOVE GOOD, HEALTHY, ORGANIC, QUALITY FOOD! My birthday is coming up shortly and my husband asked me what I wanted to do. All I want is to eat at my favorite restaurants here in the city, and enjoy super delicious healthy food – all day. That’s a great day to me.

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