Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Traveling Raw Food, Hotel, Union Square Market

by Kristen Suzanne in new york

Friday was a fun day. Even though it started with clouds, we actually had the sun peak out for about 3 seconds. I am hopeful that tomorrow will be even better. 

We started the day with tea in our hotel room. Then, we scooted our butts to the subway so we could go to Union Square where they have a green market (farmer’s type market) every Friday. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any fresh produce that was calling my name though (I needed fruit that could sit without refrigeration in our hotel room. So, we ended up going to Whole Foods and getting (organic) bananas, apples, and cherries. 

When I’m traveling, I like to have plenty of fresh, organic Raw vegan snacks on hand in the hotel room. (Later, I put the cherries in a bag, in our hotel room’s ice bucket, with some ice and water to keep them chilled. Of course, I didn’t keep them there very long because we ate them around dinner time. And, I used the same set up to keep my Norwalk juice cold until I drank that baby down!)

But, before going to Whole Foods, we met Michelle for a juice at One Lucky Duck (I’ve fast become a regular there – wish they had one of those punch cards “Buy 10 Drinks, Get One Free!” That’d be sa-weet. Or better yet, “Buy 10 Mallomars, Get One Free!” – A girl can dream, right?). My husband and I arrived at One Lucky Duck early, so we each had a smoothie (Blue Sunset) and it was really good. Then, when Michelle arrived, I had some fresh plant blood (Green Spice: greens, lemon, ginger) while Michelle had the Hot Pink (beet, pear, pineapple, ginger) and she had a Mallomar. She took her time enjoying her Mallomar and actually made it last for about 15 minutes… taking small bites using a fork. So unlike me; I tear into one of those things with my hands and it’s gone, seriously, in 2-3 bites (usually about 1 minute). Before we left, I grabbed a Norwalk One Lucky Duck green juice to go (seen in the pic with apples, bananas, and cherries above). The Norwalk juice is great because it has a little bit of a shelf life, due to the extraction process, and as long as I can keep the juice chilled, I can store it for a day or two before drinking it (although, I always drink it the day I buy it).

It has been so fun meeting all of these different people in the city. My husband and I were saying how everyone we’ve met here has been so nice… even just people on the street. New York has been very welcoming to us. Thank you, New York!

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