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Winners of my 13th Awesome Giveaway – Free Complete Set of My Ebooks

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Congratulations CAITLIN, aTxVegan, Veg-a-Nut, and Janine!!! (I ended up selecting 4 winners because I was thrilled with the number of people participating.) Your names were chosen as the winners of my 13th Awesome Giveaway. The prize for each of you is a complete set of my 11 available ebooksYAY!!!!!! Simply email me so I can email them back to you.

Here is what Caitlin
had to say when asked, What inspires you to eat healthy?

i am inspired to eat healthy for two reasons. First, the way I feel. Second, I feel it is my obligation. As I learn more about our food and our bodies, and the environment, I can’t sit back and not act, I can’t knowingly put something harmful into my body. Our bodies are wonderful gifts.

Here is what aTxVegan had to say when asked, What inspires you to eat healthy?

What originally inspired me to eat healthy was a colitis diagnosis, then a soy intolerance, and then a gluten intolerance. So needless to say, it just feels right to eat healthy. What continues to inspire me is that I just turned 50 and people are always shocked when they find out, which is really nice. But I’m starting to feel some achy joints, so I never miss a session with my trainer, and visiting your blog and so many other healthy blogs keep me inspired and keep others inspired. Thank you for such a generous giveaway, Kristen. There is always so much more to learn about healthful eating.

Here is what Veg-a-Nut had to say when asked, What inspires you to eat healthy?

My parents, grandparents, brother and sister are ravaged with heart disease, cancer, arthritis, high blood pressure, and more. I am the only one without any problems and want to keep it that way. I am trying hard to be a good example to my grown children and husband. One daughter has gone vegan a little over a year ago and is raising my grandson as a vegan. Nothing makes me prouder than to see my efforts paying off. For a few months now I have been pondering a very high raw diet, but have been lost with meals. I hope the good fairy is on my side and I win these books!!

Here is what Janine had to say when asked, What inspires you to eat healthy?

What inspires me to eat healthy? It used to be for selfish reasons: look good, feel good, amaze my friends and co-workers because I’m NEVER sick, stay slim without trying, the natural high you get after a awesome raw meal. I’d make food for my loved ones, hoping they, too, would eat this way so I would be promised a little more time with them in this life. Then the man I love entered my life. I kicked it up a notch so he, too, would feel the effects from our uber-healthy meals. I was motivated to try new superfoods and herbs so his aches and pains would subside. Watched as he felt better day by day. I dreamed of going to detox clinics with him, laughed together after our first colonic, ate and drank the weirdest things, and finally got him to say “I actually like your green drinks” (ah, success!!).

But until I tried to get pregnant, I never realized how important it was, not just for me, to be healthy. My whole life, my whole being, is now dedicated on eating the absolute healthiest way (w/out going crazy) because I dream of all the steps for my unborn child. I feel my uterus growing stronger, I sense my blood becoming richer, and when I am finally lucky enough that this world blesses me with a baby, that little pumpkin will have, beyond a doubt, the best chance in this world because it gets to develop in a clean, healthy, nutritious environment. Especially with autism, ADD, schizophrenia, and all these “common” diagnoses, I want to give my child the best chance in this world!

That is what motivates me now!! And you, Kristen, have given me strength for all your positive words.
(Janine-39, miscarried recently too and not giving up)

My next Awesome Giveaway is in September, so check back for details!

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