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New Review For The Blendtec Blender

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(Keep in mind that companies change warranties and features so be sure to check with them after reading this post… I wrote this a few years ago!) Previously I wrote a comparison review for the new Vita-Mix 5200 versus the Blendtec that I’d had for quite a few years (and adored). Even though I loved my Blendtec for a long time, at the time of the review, I was impressed with Vita-mix’s BPA-free container as well as their warranty. I’ll say this… When it comes down to it, both blenders are phenomenal. They’re both high-powered and they both get the job done. (That picture is with the normal Blendtec container.)

Well, as you know from the last comparison, I decided to give more of my love to the Vita-Mix 5200 because of the aforementioned reasons. However! As of this writing, not only does Blendtec offer a BPA-free container, but they offer a new BIG container (I purchased mine separately). Nearly 3 quarts big!!! When I saw that, I knew I had to try it out. Some people say that the big container (and therefore, the longer blades) makes for faster blending… as a result, it seems that cold things, such as smoothies, are colder (as compared to using another blender) when you’re done making them because it didn’t take as long to blend them.

Here is my new review on Vita-Mix vs Blendtec:
I found that I am back to using my Blendtec more than the Vita-Mix. It’s so easy to clean and I really like that. I do notice, however, that my Blendtec blender seems to bounce around on my counter a bit more when I’m blending certain things. For example, I made two Raw vegan pumpkin pies yesterday (recipe for this delicious pie is in my Holiday recipe book). The large container really helped in this situation because the old container would get quite full once all of the ingredients were in it. The mixture is thick, too, so that probably explains the dancing of the machine that required placing my hands on it to hold it still. Keep in mind, my blender motor is probably 5 years old and perhaps it wouldn’t bounce around as much if I had a newer model – not sure. It’s also possible that because the Vita-Mix is heavier, it stays put better. Anyway… I love the big container I purchased from Blendtec. I love that it’s BPA-free. I love that it’s so easy to clean. I love how it fits on my counter top and doesn’t take up as much room.

However… the Vita-Mix 5200’s 7-year warranty still kicks the Blendtec’s ass (3 years). And, having a plunger, like with the Vita-Mix, can be helpful at times. I also like the controls of the Vita-mix 5200 better than the pre-programmed controls of the Blendtec. I find it easier to control and use. Gosh, my praise for certain aspects of the Vita-Mix 5200 would make you think I liked that blender more. Not only that, but the Vita-Mix is popular with chefs around the world. Do you ever watch cooking shows and notice that they’re always using a Vita-Mix? I’ve yet to see a chef on TV using a Blendtec, so Vita-Mix is definitely worthy.

Bottom line… in spite of the pre-programmed controls on the Blendtec and in spite of not having a plunger… I still find myself grabbing the Blendtec before I use the Vita-Mix 5200. It’s easier to clean, gets the job done, has a huge container now, and fits perfectly on my counter top. Therefore, I must be a Blendtec gal again. (They both rock though and you can’t go wrong with either one!)

PS… I’ve been trying out a new juicer these past few days. I’m still in the testing phase and will report on it in the near future!

UPDATE {Aug 2010} 

  • I have been using my Vita-Mix 5200 a lot more these days because I have a newborn and the Vita-Mix is a little quieter than the Blendtec. 
  • I also want to mention, however, that another reason for loving the Blendtec is that it’s easier to travel with because the base of it is smaller than the Vita-Mix. We spent a month in New York in 2009 and I packed my Blendtec Blender (sacrificing a couple of pairs of shoes – haha).

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