Monday, December 21st, 2009

New Year’s Resolutions – Yay!

by Kristen Suzanne in new year's resolutions

I wrote this blog post last year, but thought it was relevant to post again, although I did add some stuff. :)

It’s that time… New Year’s Resolutions are at the forefront of many people’s minds, including mine. I love this process – thinking about the future, planning, getting excited about the projects and things I want to work on. It fills me with hope and vigor. And, now that we have a baby on the way… whoo hoo! This year will be even more exciting!

Every year, my husband and I stay “in” for New Year’s Eve. We light candles, play fun music, turn on the Christmas lights and write our resolutions. I do it BIG style though. I take the opportunity of the new year and really take a look at my life and what I want to accomplish for the coming year. So, I take the practice of setting “resolutions” and kick it up a notch.

First, we get out last year’s boards (I’ll explain “boards” in a moment) and we go through everything we wrote about last year. We talk about how far or close we came with certain resolutions/goals, cross off the accomplishments, and use this info to help formulate plans for the following year.

We each get out a big piece of poster board (hence, the “board”) and work on our resolutions for the coming year. I separate my life into facets such as: Health, Leisure, Relationships, Finance, Career, etc. Then, I write individual short term and long terms resolutions/goals in all of these categories. I make the whole process really fun and go all out! I use colored pens, stickers, glitter, and highlighters. I guess it’s kind of like a vision board, but without pictures.

When I’m all done with it, I hang it on the wall by my desk so I can see it every day and be reminded of all the Big and Little Resolutions I set for myself. This REALLY helps me stay on track and MOTIVATED! And, it’s fun building my New Year’s Resolution Picture (i.e., the poster board). And, let me tell ya, it sure works for me! I get so much more accomplished this way.

Here’s a neat thought… The lady who does my prenatal massages told me the other day that her husband believes the way you spend your New Year’s Eve says a lot about how the impending year could be for you. Hhmmm… interesting to think of it that way. We keep it nice, relaxed, and calm, and I definitely welcome a year like that. Bring it on!

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What are your plans for New Year’s Eve? Do you write New Year’s Resolutions?

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