Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Fruit Scoopers – A Best Friend In The Raw Kitchen – Coconut Noodles Anyone?

by Kristen Suzanne in young Thai coconut

You ever wonder how some people get those awesome, young Thai coconut noodles that are actually long and noodle-like? I have an answer: Fruit Scoopers! The next time you want great coconut noodles, use a fruit scooper.

I love these kitchen gadgets. They come three in a package and I’ve yet to put the large (orange) scooper to real use yet, but I use the middle size (red) scooper ALL the time for avocado (video here), and I use the small (green) scooper for digging out my young Thai coconut meat. Perfect. Easy.

Once you scoop out the meat, you can clean them up a bit, and slice them as thin as you want using a knife. In this picture, I’ve simply shown you how they come out of the young Thai coconut after scooping; I haven’t cut them into thin noodles yet. Fruit Scoopers ROCK!

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