Sunday, March 28th, 2010

HIgh Raw Food Intake – Pregnancy Food Journal – Sunday

by Kristen Suzanne in food journal

Quick run down of the food I am having today…

  • Teeccino
  • Raw (homemade) granola buckwheat cereal (Cinnamon Banana Crispies) with organic soy milk
  • Dilly Orange Coleslaw with organic tofu cubes on top
  • 1 and 2/3 Righteously Raw Caramel Cacao Bars (Yes, almost two whole chocolate bars, which according to the package would be 5 servings – lol – not in my world. YUM! Oh, and I didn’t have it all at once. I had the 2/3 bar and about 2 hours later had the 1 bar)
  • Teeccino
  • Sauerkraut on Hearty Buckwheat Biscuits
  • Salad
  • Protein Shake

I’ve not had a huge appetite this week. Perhaps it’s due to my organs getting squished as the baby and my belly(!) grow.

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