Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

Third Trimester Update

by Kristen Suzanne in Uncategorized

Whew. Third trimester hormones that make me loopy are setting in. Fatigue from the growing baby inside me effects me from time to time. And, as many of my Facebook friends know, I found the cutest stray puppy who turned out to have a broken leg (poor thing!), is not potty trained (he’s about 8 months old we suspect), and he needs weekly vet care (he’s now wearing a splint for 6-8 weeks in the hope that we can avoid surgery). Did I mention that he needs constant supervision? I’m getting a bit of a head start in my mommy training to say the least. He wants to be by my side all day, and needs to be carried a lot. Needless to say… I’m a tad exhausted – lol. But. He has the sweetest and cutest face. I can’t help but melt every time he looks up at me. We’ve named him Miso.

Meanwhile, my belly is growing, my lower back aches terribly (I’m not sure if it’s from bending over so much to pick up the puppy, my crazy lack of sleep which includes sleeping on the couch many times with Miso in about 2-4 hour increments, the baby pressing on my back, or a combo of everything. My allergies are crazy, too, and that can be tiring in itself. I’m pooped.

But… I’m filled with love and excitement about the last couple of months in my pregnancy (hoping my back improves). And, I’m grateful that we found Miso and saved him from what would most likely have meant death to him (we found him in the desert area of our neighborhood where the hot sun beats down and bobcats, owls, and coyotes roam. The poor little guy couldn’t walk because of his broken leg).

On a raw food note… I’m going through the final edits of my next recipe book. I’m very excited about that! And, I’m working on some other projects (when Miso gives me a five minute break – lol).

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend.

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