Friday, April 30th, 2010

Happy Friday – iPad Day and High Raw All Vegan Pregnancy Food Journal

by Kristen Suzanne in Uncategorized

Happy Friday to you all! I’m extra excited today because of a few things:

1) I’m going to mom’s and Miso will get to play with her small dog, Bella (they LOVE each other), which means I GET A BREAK FROM ENTERTAINING MISO! :)

2) My iPad arrives! My husband bought it for me as a birthday gift. My birthday isn’t until June, but that’s how we roll. ;)

3) The weather is gorgeous!

4) My pregnant belly is feeling wonderful!

5) I harvested a fresh batch of organic raw sauerkraut (cabbage, carrots, and ginger). For a video and directions on how I make my sauerkraut, visit here.

Here’s my food plan today:
~ 3 cups fresh organic green juice (cucumbers, romaine) served on ice
~ organic banana (large)
~ organic apple (large)

~ 1/4 cup raw organic sauerkraut
~ 3 cups fresh organic green juice (same as above)

~ steamed organic broccoli with organic tofu

~ Hemp protein shake with frozen raspberries (10 oz bag), 1/4 cup hemp protein powder, 1 heaping T hemp seeds, dash almond extract, drizzle maple syrup, and water (all organic)

~ Large spinach salad topped with avocado, red bell pepper, coconut vinegar, Himalayan crystal salt, and black pepper
~ I suspect I’ll want some dessert, so I might invade my organic nut butter chocolate truffles

~ If I’m still hungry later, I’ll probably have a Sun Warrior protein shake made with water

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