Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Thursday’s Plan: My Day, Pregnancy Food Journal, Etc (Belly Picture!)

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Today is going to be a fun day because I get to see my midwife! I’m curious as to what my weight will be, and to see how my measurements are shaping up, as well as get the results from my blood and urine tests. I’ll report back with the info.

(Took this picture yesterday – I’m getting so big!) I’ve been VERY hungry the past couple of days. I honestly don’t know where I’m putting it all. Oh wait, I do: my thighs. They officially rub when I wear a nightgown. Well, at least I know my body works – lol – I’m storing that fat for breastfeeding and growing baby.

I’m still walking, only now it’s every couple of days and  I don’t go as long… maybe between 20-40 minutes and then I have to stop either from low back pain or the pulling in my pelvis area. A little walking, though, feels better than no walking. We have access to a salt water pool that I have yet to take advantage of – perhaps I will today.

Here is my food plan (high raw, all vegan) for today:

~ Organic peppermint ice tea to take my supplements: spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass tablets, prenatals, iron, probiotic (I’ll take my vegan DHA later in the day with food) – as I’ve written before, I don’t take all of these daily. For one reason, taking spirulina can have a negative impact on whether my body properly assimilates vitamin B12 so I take it every few days. The iron I take here and there, maybe 1-2 times a week, if that.

~ SunWarrior Protein Shake (2 scoops) – I’m making it a point to keep my protein intake up during the third trimester on a more regular basis.

~ Organic apple

~ Organic green juice (cucumbers, celery, romaine)

~ Fruity Hemp Shake (loaded up with all kinds of goodies – this will probably be about 400+ calories)

~ Organic salad (big) with romaine, cucumber, red bell pepper, avocado, and a raw raspberry dressing

~ Organic vegan mac-n-cheeze (homemade sauce) with organic pasta and kidney beans

~ Raw nut butter chocolate truffles (2)

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