Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Day’s Food & Mini Date Night

by Kristen Suzanne in banana

Yesterday, my mom, Kamea’s Nana, came over to babysit so Greg and I could have a mini date. There is a great organic restaurant (not vegan or raw, but with some vegan options, as well as salads), Calistro Bistro. It’s about 2 minutes away, if that, and I’m super grateful it’s there. They have a happy hour with delicious appetizers half off. So, Nana came over and we left baby Kamea in Nana’s capable hands for just under an hour. (That’s all I could stand to be away from her! It was tough!) In hindsight though… she didn’t sleep much that night (last night) so I am even further behind on sleep than I was before the date, and perhaps I should have taken the time while Nana was here to nap instead of go out. :( Live and learn. ;)
Oh, and while Nana was here, we gave Kamea her 2nd bath. She took to it MUCH better than the first one we did (details here about the 1st one). She didn’t cry at all the 2nd time.

During the day, I also made up a batch of Protein Grenades for my husband.

Here are my eats for the day:

2 organic bananas with a healthy dose of homemade raw vegan organic cashew butter
To make your own cashew butter,
simply place two cups of unsoaked cashews in a food processor, fitted with the “S” blade, and a pinch or two of Himalayan crystal salt. Process until it turns to butter. You’ll need to stop it every minute or so to scrape down the sides and help it along. You can, if necessary, add a little olive oil to help it along, but I don’t find that I need to do that.

2 scoop protein shake made with Chocolate Caramel Hemp Surprise
I used 2 scoops of Sun Warrior’s Sprouted Brown Rice Protein Powder and shook it up with some water and some Chocolate Caramel Hemp Surprise (basically a chocolate hemp milk with other goodies in it).

1 organic banana with more raw vegan organic cashew butter

Few bites of rainbow swiss chard salad I made with a mustard dressing and hemp seeds

Snack of raw almonds, goji berries, and goldenberries 

At Calistro Bistro, we enjoyed a raw salad along with some vegan hummus, gourmet falafel, and a little vegan coconut rice pudding for dessert. Such a treat! I stuffed myself silly!!!

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