Friday, December 31st, 2010

Thursday’s Food Journal – All Raw Vegan

by Kristen Suzanne in food journal
Here is Thursday’s food journal. 
All Raw. All Vegan. All Organic. 
All Good!

Hanging out with Zeus :)

3 cups of fresh Green Juice (made with my Breville). I started my morning out RIGHT! It had cucumber, celery, tomatoes, carrot, and broccoli. When I was almost finished, had about 2 gulps left, I stirred in some ground wakame.

2 ounces of fresh wheat grass. I was at Whole Foods and I started the shopping with a double shot of wheat grass. I really can’t stand the stuff, but it’s soooooo good for me. I just drink it down, make my face, and get on with it.

1 Pure Bar – Trail Mix. I have really been enjoying these bars lately. I was in the middle of shopping, started getting hungry so I grabbed one of these and ate it while shopping. It was really good so I bought some more for home.

3 cups Purple Passion Smoothie. I’ve been making and drinking this for three days now. I love it. Greg loves it, too. Water, frozen blueberries, spinach, and fresh oranges (peeled) that my mom grows in her backyard.

Large bowl of Romaine lettuce topped with the homemade curry powder (I wrote about here), vinegar, Herbamere, and olive oil.

1 green botija olive. I love Essential Living Foods olives.

Double scoop protein shakeSun Warrior – and I added cinnamon and homemade curry powder. Yum!

1/2 container organic blackberries

Garlic Mustard Kelp Noodles. I love this recipe (it’s in my book, EASY Raw Vegan Transition Recipes). Creamy sauce with a kick accompanied by juicy bites of sweet orange. Yum!

3 Kristen Suzanne’s Heavenly Cookies (from my EASY Raw Vegan Dessert book) – one of Greg’s favorites. I made them and surprised him.

As of publishing this post, the day is not over… I might have another green juice. :)

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