Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Remember The Omnivore Family of Mine? Check Out What They Made…

by Kristen Suzanne in Uncategorized

Remember when I blogged about my “true” carnivore omnivore family visiting over the holidays and trying some of my Raw Vegan Recipes in this post here? Well, guess what? My sister-in-law went home and actually made two of my recipes! How cool is that?

It was so neat. Upon request, I sent her home with some of my raw vegan recipe books. She called me a couple of times from the store to ask about substitutions when she couldn’t find certain ingredients (easy to do with raw food!).  For example, I told her to use cashews in place of macadamia nuts, almond extract in place of cherry extract, and extra dates if she couldn’t find dried cherries for the Rudolph Cherry Cobbler.

Then, she went home and made two recipes, Rudolph Cherry Cobbler and Twilight Pecan Shallot Pate. I’m so proud of her! Her mom and step-dad loved them, too. Her step-dad licked his cherry cobbler bowl clean. ;) Here are the pictures she sent me.

Rudolph Cherry Cobbler – YUM!
From my EASY Raw Vegan Holidays book.

In the process of making Twilight Pecan Shallot Pate
from my EASY Raw Vegan Entrees book.

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