Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Review: Rawtella – Two Thumbs Up!

by Kristen Suzanne in raw chocolate, review

I frequently get asked to review products on my blog and I’m happy to do so. It gives me the opportunity to share my thoughts on new products – good or bad.

Well, the makers of Rawtella contacted me about reviewing their product, Rawtella. It arrived Wednesday and I thought, “Oh ok, I’ll have some tonight and add it to my food journal I’m planning on posting later in the week.” (By the way, did you see that on the top of my blog I now have a tab for “food journal” – I get asked many times for samples of what I eat so now you have one place to access many of my food journals. I haven’t updated it to include everything, but I’m working on it.)

Anyway. I sampled the Rawtella and OMG – yum! I knew I had to do more than talk about it in my food journal. This delicious treat deserved its own post. Rawtella is a jar of a chocolate spread made from 3 ingredients: Organic raw, soaked, and dehydrated hazelnuts, organic raw cacao nibs, and raw coconut sugar. It’s mostly organic and will be all organic soon. They’re waiting for the coconut sugar to go through the final steps of becoming certified organic.

Rawtella is 100% Raw – yeehaw! Friends, when raw is this good, it’s impossible not to be happy and satisfied eating raw vegan. Rawtella can be enjoyed by itself on a spoon, used on ice cream, in smoothies and nut milks, spread on fruit or crepes, and more.

I had a gigantic spoonful of it – it was creamy, dreamy, decadent, sweet, rich, satisfying, luscious, and I wanted to eat the whole damn jar. Now, you might be wondering if this chocolate stuff is like the popular Nutella that is on the market. Honestly, I don’t know because I’ve never tried that.

I enthusiastically give this product two thumbs up. I will be stocking up on it. Try it and come back to let me know if you agree! Available at

Let me add…. this is a GREAT gift. It’s perfect for your postal carrier, your hair dresser, your BFF, your mom, your skeptical-steak-chomping-pill-popping-dad (oh wait, that’s my dad). You know anyone who could use a little chocolate love in his or her life? Give them a jar of Rawtella. It’s perfect!

UPDATE! Ooh – Yippee! The generous folks at Rawtella are offering a 25% off coupon code “if you like the rawtella fan page!” They said, once you “like it” it will reveal the coupon code. Score!!!

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