Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Food Journal – Raw Vegan Organic

by Kristen Suzanne in food journal
So glad many of you are fanning up the new Facebook page. :) Thank you! Even though I don’t have the “recipe” tab done yet that I mentioned in this blog post, I did go ahead and post that deliciously yummy Cinnamon Yam Soup on the main page just now. 
For those of you following my food journal, here are a couple of more days…
High Raw – All Vegan – All Organic
All Nutritious – All Delicious
1 Banana
Sprouted Protein Bar (will share recipe on my Facebook fan page soon – it looks like these are offering about 7 grams of healthy, raw, easily assimilated, sprouted protein in each bar)
1 Orange bell pepper (I eat these just like I eat apples)
Chia pudding

Large Green juice: cucumber, zucchini, celery, kale, orange
Giant Salad: romaine, 1/2 avocado, carrots, lime juice, orange, dill, sprouts, Herbamere, and splash of brown rice vinegar ( this stuff really livens up a salad – yum – back in my body building days it was a life saver for making my salads yummy when I wasn’t consuming fat or oil).
Granola with almond milk (I took a bag of Go Raw’s Chocolate granola and mixed it with a couple of cups of my own dehydrated buckies – it makes the overall granola a bit lighter to do that). Then, I transfered it all to a big glass mason jar.
Cinnamon Yam Soup (just posted this recipe on my Facebook fan page)
1 Mango (loaded with vitamin C)
Sun Warrior and Hemp Protein shake with raw sunflower lecithin, curry powder, and cinnamon 
1/2 Sprouted Protein Bar (I was up late and had the munchies)
Oh – supplements were the same as I had on this day. (minus the wheat grass tablets and chlorella)
High Raw – All Vegan – All Organic
All Nutritious – All Delicious
I’ll be doing “High Raw” for a few days here and there, while I add some cooked organic oats to my diet (although I’m enjoying them with raw almond milk and raisins). Oats are reputed for building milk supply and I’m now sharing some of my breastmilk with a friend of mine in Texas for her baby boy.

Supplements were the same as usual: Vitamin D2, Vegan DHA, probiotics, E3-Live, Digestive Enzymes

I started the day with a protein shake that had 2 scoops of Sun Warrior Protein and a bunch of cinnamon :) I usually start with green juice, but today I wanted to shake things up a bit.
Big Ol’ Green Juice: broccoli, cucumber, celery, zucchini, lemon, dill – I made this with my new Breville Ikon that I’m quite giddy about still. It’s fun to use and the clean up is a snap!
Blended Salad: So, I’ve always been one to cringe a bit when people say they are having a blended salad. It just sounds pretty gross. But, I wanted a nice salad like I had yesterday, however, sometimes it’s hard to eat a big salad with Kamea. She doesn’t always give me the time to sit and eat something like that, which traditionally takes a lot of time to chew. So… I decided I’d take the plunge and blend it all up. Still thinking – ewww gross, I tossed the following into my Vita-Mix: few cups of romaine, an orange bell pepper, 1/2 avocado, 1 orange, 2 sm-med carrots, fresh dill and a couple of splashes of brown rice vinegar. Ummm – YUM! It was fun and super tasty. So weird that it tasted just like the salad I had yesterday only this time I was drinking it. I kept it slightly chunky so that I could still chew it a bit. The overall verdict? Very cool and useful for a mama with her hands full. Drinking my meals makes life much easier.
Cheezy Kale Chips
Granola with almond milk
Cooked oats (like I mentioned above – with raw almond milk and raisins)
Zucchini Veggie Pasta
Tropical Ice Cream

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