Sunday, March 6th, 2011

New Raw Vegan Organic Restaurant & Academy In Town! Chef Sara

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I was using my VegOut app a few weeks ago (that’s how I found out about the vegan french toast I posted about here from Scramble), and I also saw there was a restaurant (and academy) serving (mostly) locally sourced, all raw, vegan, and organic food not far from where I live. WTF?! Seriously? And, I didn’t know? Well, turns out, it had just opened up (the cafe) and I believe the academy is opening soon.

It’s by Chef Sara and it’s called Chef Sara’s Raw Vegan Academy & Cafe. Location: Cave Creek, AZ. Today, we decided to pack Kamea (and the car full of any potential “we’re-out-and-about-with-a-baby” must haves) and take a little drive up to Care Free / Cave Creek areas, where we met my mom and her friends for lunch. Cave Creek is a darling little town packed with all kinds of fun treasures. Including… The Town Dump.

This is a store filled with…. well, all kinds of stuff, especially rusty stuff. Tetanus, anyone? ;) But seriously, there is more to it than rusted door frames and tables. Half of the store is outside and half inside. There are clothes, furniture, bird houses, costume jewelry, pottery, fun signs, and more. Now, you understand the name, The Town Dump? I hadn’t been there in years, and I love taking Kamea to unique places where she can see plenty of different textures, colors, and this place will not let you down in that regard. It was fun and we always get a good laugh when we’re there. I mean where else will you find a gold hand chair?

While we were driving to lunch after checking out The Town Dump, I noticed the sign for Chef Sara’s place. EERRRRRRR!!!! BRAAAAKE! Really? The sign is up? This place must be open! We couldn’t stop for lunch though because we were meeting my mom’s friends at another place so we decided to come back after lunch and check out the menu.

When we ventured back, it was open and I was so excited. As it stands, we have a restaurant in the Phoenix area, Chakra 4, that offers many raw vegan organic dishes. But, it’s kind of a lousy drive down toward the city so we don’t go out of our way to eat there. Instead, if we happen to be in the area, we make it point to stop. But, now, we have another option, and the drive up to Cave Creek is beautiful. How exciting! Upon walking in, we were greeted with a vibrant, fresh, and clean restaurant. Chef Sara was busy behind the counter making food for a couple of patrons. Kamea took an immediate liking to Chef Sara and gave her a big ol’ smile when she welcomed us.


Since we had already eaten, I decided I was interested in trying a dessert or perhaps one of her shakes. Chef Sara has an impressive menu filled with high quality ingredients. I opted for her Chocolata Densta shake and it was very good. I would order it again. I will say this though… her prices seem kind of steep. I know that paying for organic can mean higher prices, especially in Scottsdale because not only are you paying for the organic, but also the high rent. Cave Creek must be the same. My shake was $9.95 as were most of her desserts. Her soups are $8.95, salads $14.95, dips with choice of bread, crackers, or crudites $12.95, and main courses $16.95. That being said, we did not have any of these so perhaps the serving sizes are on the larger size? I don’t know. My shake was 16 oz and as I wrote, filled with the finest ingredients available, and it filled me up for the afternoon after eating my lunch. So, in spite of the prices, we will be back. Maybe not as often we’d like, but we’ll definitely be back.

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