Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Food Journal – My Fitness Pal App for iPhone

I’m so glad to see the excitement surrounding the food combining app for iPhone that I blogged about here. Thanks for chiming in to let me know about your thoughts on it.

As many of you know, one of the ways I stay on track with my eating is to write it all down. I usually use my “notes” app on iPhone, but lately I’ve been tinkering with an app called My Fitness Pal. It’s great for tracking food and exercise, and it helps you count calories. I’m not a big calorie counter, as most raw fooders aren’t, but I do like to make sure I’m taking in enough while breastfeeding. I thought it was neat that the app had the calorie info for Boku bar! Turns out, users input data that’s not in there, so some other Boku bar loving person must have done that. I’ve also found Sun Warrior protein powder in there. :)

Today’s food intake list is big! I just felt hungry most of the day so I kept eating. :) It’s a High Raw, All Vegan, All Organic day

Breakfast: Teeccino with raw almond milk (recipe here). I waited about 20 minutes and then had a few cups of organic watermelon. I’m a total watermelon nut – so now that it’s in season, expect to see a lot of it in my food journal. About a half hour later, I had raw granola with raw almond milk.

Lunch: Watermelon. Waited a half hour and then had cucumber boats with brazil nut garlic cheese sauce and a Boku bar.

Snack: Apple

Snack: 3 cups greens juice from cucumbers, dandelion greens, carrots, celery, and kale made in my Breville Ikon (juicer review blog post here)

Dinner: Green leaf lettuce salad with carrot, tomato, and 4-Ingredient Magic Dressing (recipe here). 1 1/2 cups soup. I’m pretty crazy about this new soup brand. It’s called Fig and their soups are organic and easy to make. Most you just warm on the stove. Others you add water to and then warm. They’re pretty low in salt so I add some nutritional yeast and a few splashes of low sodium tamari. Sooo good! I buy them from Whole Foods Market.Dessert: 3 dried Turkish figs from Blue Mountain Organics. OMG! Have you tried these? OMG! They’re so good. Sweet, chewy, dense with nutrients. OMG! Did I say how yummy these are? ;) We love them. When I took the bag out, my husband’s eyes lit up like he was a kid in a candy store. I learned that dried figs have potassium, calcium, iron, and more. I can’t wait for our 5-pound bag to arrive.

I was hungry shortly after so I had a double scoop Sun Warrior chocolate protein shake followed an hour later by another apple.

Today’s supplements: Ortho Bone Vegan, B12, Chlorella, vegan DHA, vitamin d2

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