Friday, May 20th, 2011

Raw Food Weight Loss Series – Part 1

by Kristen Suzanne in Raw Food Weight Loss

Losing weight with raw food is a hot topic and it’s something I get asked about frequently. With my background as a body builder, it’s a topic near and dear to my heart (even though that was years ago and I wasn’t even vegan at the time, let alone raw, I did learn a lot and it sparked my passion for nutritional excellence and fitness). I’ve had plans to write a book about raw food and weight loss for quite a while, but that item on the to-do list keeps getting pushed down the list due to other priorities (such as my latest news of working with Chronicle Books). People keep asking weight loss questions though! So, I decided to start a series about Raw Food Weight Loss here on my blog to help you out before I get the chance to write that book.

The goal of my Raw Food Weight Loss series is not to give you a prescriptive diet plan (more on that in the next Raw Food Weight Loss blog post). Rather, it’s going to be an opportunity to address:

  1. Common weight loss questions surrounding the raw food lifestyle (Is it possible to lose weight when so much raw food is high in fat? How do I know what to eat with all the talk about low fat vs low carb?)
  2. Raw Food for weight loss as detailed for general information (Helpful for newbies to raw food, as many people come to raw food specifically for weight loss but don’t know anything about raw food, or even much about plant-based eating in general)
  3. Weight loss topics for seasoned raw foodies (Pertinent for people stuck at a plateau and needing to break through… or the dreaded “F*@k! I’ve gained weight with the raw food diet!”)
  4. Do you need to be all raw in order to lose weight? (Can it be done with a high raw diet? Is it perhaps easier or better with a high raw diet?)
  5. Tips and tricks (Sometimes, it’s the little things that add up to success in weight loss that you don’t have to think twice about… what I refer to as Cumulative Acts For Weight Loss)
  6. Recipe ideas (Ways to eat nutritionally so you’re satisfied and not feeling hungry right away, yet still keep trimming the waistline)
  7. Fasting (Should you do it? Is it necessary?)
  8. Fitness (I’ll address exercising for people who hate it, don’t have time for it, those who love it but need inspiration, and everything in between)
  9. Motivation (How the heck do you make it past a couple of days before calling it quits?)
  10. Discuss issues, questions, etc. (via the comment section under each Raw Food Weight Loss blog post… Let’s get a dialogue going!)
  11. For those of you who are wondering how you can actually gain weight with raw food because you think you’re too thin, I plan to address this as well, although the series is primarily aimed at people wanting to lose weight.
  12. And… more… I’ll keep adding to the list as questions come up throughout the series.

Before we get started though, I want to impress upon you that any time you start a diet it’s important to check with your physician ahead of time… especially if you are taking medication! Your doctor may need to adjust the dosage accordingly. Be smart!… plan with your doc using some of the ideas I present. Hopefully, you have an open-minded one who supports healthy living via plant-based foods. If you don’t, then perhaps you want to look for a one.

What is my role? Well, I’m here to write about Raw Food Weight Loss in general and share my experience with the issues listed above. I want to tell you what has worked for me (and not worked), as well as what I have learned in my consulting practice helping people lose weight with raw food, and share the knowledge I’ve gained over the past 15 years researching the topic.

Frequency of blog posts… My aim is to post on the Raw Food Weight Loss series every other Friday. This will give us ample time to comment on the post for the day as well as time to try recommendations and suggestions in the post, hopefully making some of them new habits before moving on to a new one. Some posts will be short and to the point with a great tip, trick, or recipe, for example. I have tips and tricks up the wazoo to share. :) Some posts will be more in-depth, so you might want to sit down with a tall cold smoothie while you read it, with your tummy digesting the smoothie and your brain digesting the new information. That being said, I plan to write “bonus” posts on some of the Fridays we’d normally skip. Since some of the main posts will be shorter in length, or not as deep, I want to keep the ball rolling and that means some random bonus blog posts… you never know when… so check back regularly! ;) (Or subscribe to RSS for notifications.)

With that introduction to our Raw Food Weight Loss Series, let’s get the discussion started… In addition to the numbered items above, are there other issues you want to discuss? Do you have specific questions? Comment in the comment section below and we’ll get the Raw Food Weight Loss party started!


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