Sunday, June 5th, 2011

Food Journal (Sunday) – High Raw, All Vegan, All Organic

by Kristen Suzanne in food journal

I’m still breastfeeding full on, and I’m now working out daily in the gym for an hour. I have to keep my calories up!

Melon Slushie - Started the day with 1/2 a melon chopped up and thrown in the blender with some ice.

Boku Bar - Ate this on my way to the gym. Was afraid the melon slushie wouldn’t sustain me.

Vega Sport Performance Protein shake – I brought my shaker bottle with me to the gym and a packet of Vega’s Performance Protein powder to drink immediately after my workout. I opted for chocolate today. Pretty tasty, but not like the Shake and Go line! However, the Sport Performance Protein has, well, performance factors added in that I want after a workout! Things like spirulina, BCAAs, etc.

Green Juice - Drank 3 cups of this anti-aging elixir and Kamea had a few sips as well. She loved it! The contents: cucumbers, broccoli, kale, and celery. Simple and powerful.

Bruschetta-like snack – I toasted two thin slices of whole grain organic bread. Spread it with my raw pine nut cheesy onion basil spread, and topped it with CSA grown organic sliced tomatoes and arugula. I followed this snack with a small bowl of Go Raw’s chocolate granola (I’m not a huge fan of the new recipe they made. I like it, sure, but I liked the old version a bit better) doused in raw pumpkin seed milk. Raw pumpkin seeds are so nutrient dense – iron, zinc, magnesium, tryptophan, and all kinds of goodies! I also had 1/2 a kombucha.

1/2 papaya

Raw pistachios and dried cranberries

Grapefruit and a slice of whole grain bread

Homemade cooked lentil soup loaded with CSA root veggies, broccoli, and kale

Glass raw pumpkin seed milk

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