Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Facebook Fan Page Update – Join Me!!!

by Kristen Suzanne in Kristen Suzanne

Hi, everyone!  Please join my Kristen Suzanne’s Facebook Author Fan Page and help me reach my goal of 5000+! (I’m maxed out to 5000 on my regular “personal” page so I’m hoping to get people moved over to the author page where I plan on spending more of my time!) I like being connected to each and every one of you and a great way for us to do this is through my Facebook author page.

You can join by “liking” to the right side of my blog, or visiting here.

Just a few of the great things you’ll see there:

  1. My exercise routine! I plan on regularly(!) posting my workouts there and answering questions you have about them.
  2. Read about the delicious, nutritious foods I’m eating. I’ll continue posting my food journals here on the blog, but I’ll be using my Facebook page to do daily posts.
  3. Links to awesome and informative articles I’m researching and reading.
  4. Recipes! Some of which are exclusive to facebook author page fans only!
  5. Access to me! Ask your questions over there and get quick responses. Consider it Real Time Kristen’s Raw! I know a lot of you have burning questions that need to be answered to help you live your healthiest life ever. I’m here to help!
  6. Unbelievable Giveaways… Juicers! Protein powders! Books! Raw food kitchen appliances! and more!



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