Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Baby Kamea’s Baby Freeze Pops

by Kristen Suzanne in sun warrior rice protein

With Kamea still teething, I decided to make her some raw vegan baby freeze pops, but I needed good popsicle molds to accomplish this. We had tried other “freeze” type options to soothe her gums but she wasn’t interested (teether toys, cheese cloth with organic frozen fruit inside, etc).

Hello, Amazon to the rescue. I found these fantastic gems and they’re perfect! They hold the ideal amount for her in each one, they’re easy to use and easy for her to hold, and they’re BPA-free. Love them!

Making freeze pops was also an opportunity to get a little extra protein and fat in her diet by making them with raw nut milk and a little protein powder. The freeze pops below are made from organic raw almond milk, organic blueberries, and Sun Warrior chocolate protein powder. It was actually my protein shake and I made a bit extra so I could make her freeze pops with it. How easy is that?!

I see lots of baby freeze pops in our future.

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