Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Food Journal – Tuesday’s Good Stuff!

by Kristen Suzanne in food journal

I’m almost finished with my next email newsletter… sharing with you tons of great tips and recipes for navigating the holidays with ease. Be sure to sign up, if you haven’t already! I’m only sending this email newsletter out for a limited time.

Here are Tuesday’s eats.

Organic decaf coffee w coconut milk and a couple of Winter Solstice Cranberry Cashew Nuggets. Truth be told, these are usually a dessert, but sometimes I eat a raw dessert for my breakfast! Um, and I had three, but only two are showing. That’s part of the beauty of raw. The foods are so darn healthy you can often gobble up dessert for breakfast. That puts a little extra joy in your day, eh? And, I know… my picture shows halloween fun with “winter solstice” nuggets… oh well. :) Note: this delicious recipe will be shared in the email newsletter I mentioned above.)

Large protein shake with two scoops Sun Warrior chocolate protein powder, Udo’s oil, Vega protein performance powder (vanilla), water, a hunk of Organic Raw Fudge with Raisins, frozen raspberries, and Navitas Naturals camu camu powder.

Organic Sun Tea (nettle, red raspberry leaf, mint) I get a 1/2 gallon glass mason jar and put 2 bags of red raspberry leaf tea in it along with two each of the nettle and either a mint or green jasmine tea). I drink this throughout the day and Kamea loves it!
Organic Apple. Organic Tofu.

Lettuce cups with Mesquite Red Bell Pepper Sauce. Yum – this sauce was deliciously unique spiced with mesquite from Navitas Naturals. Kamea couldn’t get enough of it either… she kept dipping her spoon in and licking it up. Oh, how that warms this mama’s heart to see my baby girl eating so much organic raw goodness. After my lettuce cups I had Organic Raw Fudge with Raisins (homemade) and an Organic Apple.

Pure Bar (chocolate) – While we were shopping at Trader Joe’s I was hungry so I grabbed one of these and ate it while shopping.
Organic Apple.

Protein shake – similar to the one above but minus the Udo’s oil/Vega, and made with coconut milk instead.

For those of you wondering… yes, I’m still breastfeeding. Some days I load up on calories and some days they’re average (depends on my hunger and exercise, which I haven’t done a lot of lately but carrying my baby around all day counts, eh?). My smoothies are usually large and with the oils or seeds or whatever else I add, they’re usually high calorie. So, yes, I’m eating enough. :)

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