Monday, December 5th, 2011

A Trip To Flagstaff, AZ (with photos) – LOVING New Frontiers Market! – New Dehydrator!

by Kristen Suzanne in travel

After the Thanksgiving holiday we took a little trip up north to Flagstaff, AZ where we stayed in a great condo with Greg’s mom. Here’s out trip…

I'm quite excited about our trip!

Ready for take off! Clearly, I'm still excited.

Almost there!

We arrived... our view.

Checking out the HUGE bathtub for swimming in later.

Kamea sending emails.

Heading to the rec center to explore.

Snuggle time with daddy.

Checking out the lights and xmas decor at a neighboring hotel.

More beautiful lights... I love the holidays.

Food shopping! New Frontiers... OMG Love this place. Found and tried some things for the first time. I wanted to cry with joy at how awesome this place was. I'm already having withdrawal and want to plan another trip to New Frontiers, I, uh, mean... Flagstaff.

My new favorite green powder that I actually LOOK FORWARD TO DRINKING! I LOVE the ingredients... *Spirulina, *wheatgrass, *alfalfa, *nettle, *rosehips, *beet, *dandelion, *fennel, *kelp, *stevia, *peppermint, *ginger, *licorice, *burdock *Organic

Link on Amazon for Lydia’s Green Power.

Super yummy green powder, too, but I favor the simplicity of ingredients and taste in Lydia's pictured above. Great travel packet for my purse or gym bag though... so I bought a few.

Terrific crackers that are softly CRUNCHY if you can imagine that. Full on flavor.

Kamea's astronaut snacks (um, and for mom, too!)... My Whole Foods used to carry them but I never see them anymore. I stocked up.

Fun drink I've never seen. Mmmm... New Frontiers, I <3 you.

ORGANIC Fuyu persimmons. I'm crazy addicted in love with these gems. I honestly don't know why. There's just something about them. I rarely see them at Whole Foods so I bought two cases in Flagstaff. I'm going to eat many of them fresh, freeze some, and dehydrate some. YUM!

Now, we’re back home and I’m getting ready to kick the raw up in my life even more. I’m feeling the need to eat extra clean, fresh, and fill my body with vibrancy. I have a new dehydrator I’m checking out… and I can’t wait to blog my review about it in the upcoming weeks. It’s the Sedona by Tribest. My first use is dehydrating raw organic almonds so I can make raw almond butter with my new nut butter making machine (I’ll be blogging about that bad-boy in the future, too).

Uh-oh Excalibur… I might have a new best friend.


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