Saturday, December 17th, 2011

Kamea’s Food Journal

by Kristen Suzanne in food journal, kamea

I get asked repeatedly about the foods Kamea eats. It’s hard to post, because it’s forever changing. What she eats a lot of one week, she might not even touch the following week.

She’s been teething molars lately so it’s TONS of mama snuggle time while she breastfeeds and she’s backing off the solids as a result. So, it always, always changes.

Past faves? For awhile she was really into dried fruits (Bija goji berries were eaten by the handful). Another period she took to black beans. Another period it was a lot of protein shakes, smoothies, and apples. One day it was oranges, since then she hasn’t wanted any. For a few days, she enjoyed Nana’s homemade soup. There was a time she liked tofu, but she turns her nose up to it now. She doesn’t want avocado. Ever. And, she shakes her head “no” to bananas, but she likes them in smoothies… when she’s in the mood for a smoothie.

Always changing. So. Basically, I make available all kinds of organic, mostly raw / some cooked foods and she either eats or she doesn’t. And, she’s always loading up on mama’s milk. :) I enjoy following her lead. She’s mega healthy, happy, and doing wonderfully.

One thing she’s taking a liking to this week: chlorella tablets.

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