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My 90-Day Clean Raw Food Mission – Kristen Suzanne’s Raw Reboot™

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A new time is upon me. A new dawn. A new life. As I wrote in a previous post, I’m feeling particularly drawn to a clean, easy, and pure raw lifestyle right now. I officially started it December 27 and will keep at it until April 1, at which time I’ll reassess, possibly dial things back a bit.

I feel in my heart of hearts that an all-raw diet can be wonderful when done correctly, as well as a moderate or high raw diet. (All vegan, of course). I don’t think cooked, whole vegan foods are the devil. Actually, I think they’re great when you want them. My philosophy has always been to listen to my body, which draws me to various levels of raw at different times of the year. The body has cycles. Rhythms. I go with them.

Right now, I’m focusing on eating 100% all raw and living foods. Consider it a full blown Raw Reboot. But as you’ll see, I’m going beyond just food with this. Furthermore, I’m being mindful of breastfeeding and also trying to get pregnant (therefore I’m tracking calories so I don’t dip too low). If I weren’t doing those things, this plan would be lighter.

Why am I doing this? Well, my diet is pretty damn healthy as is. But. I feel heavy. I don’t feel fat… rather I feel heavy. Sluggish. Dry. A tad toxic even. Moreover, I feel this mentally, physically, and spiritually. For the past many months, I’ve enjoyed decaf organic coffee, non-raw coconut milk from the store, salty foods such as Chipotle burritos (loaded with brown rice, tofu, black beans, and raw elements like pico, guacamole, lettuce), non-raw dark chocolate, Gardein products, Daiya cheese, vegan baked goods. Not all, but some of those (coffee, etc) were done almost daily. True, my diet has also included plenty of nutritious raw foods every day such as juices, smoothies, and salads, etc. But, those aforementioned non-raw items are taking a bit of a toll. You know something might be wrong when the seemingly human-head-sized Chipotle burrito is tearing its tortilla by sheer girth… and I eat it in one sitting. Quickly. And still crave more food. Which brings me to…

My other problem: Gluttony. As a chef, I find myself almost constantly in the kitchen and eating more than a few servings of foods… ahem … Cinnamon Brownies anyone? Fortunately, it hasn’t much affected my waistline (I’m still burning extra calories breastfeeding, carrying baby (or is she a toddler?) around, or running after her), in spite of my having gone through three batches in one week. My serving sizes tend to be the extreme, and it’s something I’d like to change. I need to stop thinking about food 24/7. And portioning based on dietary needs, not based on what looks good.

Case in point... not content with one slice, Madame Gluttonia devours a 1/4 freakin loaf of vegan chocolate chip banana bread quickly... and then goes back for more.

There’s another reason that I need to change my habits with food. As a breastfeeding and babywearing mom I burn a shitload of calories, and as a result, for the past 18 months, I’ve been eating lots of calories – probably more than I need to (some days I was consuming 3000+ depending on my activity level). But Kamea breastfeeds a little less now, and although she’s heavier to carry, I’m not carrying her as much (although some days it seems like she’s in arms all day). Anyway, all that is to say that I don’t want to continue eating massive quantities forever, and I’m slowly starting to decrease my caloric intake. It feels natural to do so. I don’t want to suddenly have her stop breastfeeding one day and find that I’m still in the habit of eating huge meals. I’m still figuring it all out though. I expect some days I’ll eat a lot and some days I’ll eat less.

Baby steps. I’ve been going through a transformation that started in the fall. This mission I’m embarking on is not a New Year’s Resolution for healthy eating. I love goals and resolutions, but I tend to work on them all year long… New Year’s is dangerously arbitrary and notoriously quickly forgotten. My evolution started back in the fall, when I started imagining my life in a different light. I took my first yoga class, for example. This plan I’m sharing with you today is a continuation of that evolutionary process. The difference is, now I’m ready to go ALL OUT. I’m extremely drawn to the ideas of clean foods, lightness, being more in control (no gluttony), lots of blissed out meditation, not being tied to my iPhone at all time, hopes of getting pregnant with a squeaky clean bod (possibly continuing an extra clean eating plan throughout the future pregnancy and wondering what that will do for ease of delivery? I’m really intrigued by that idea), and even… wait for it… ENEMAS! Yes, enemas and colonics. (Long story, a whole other post in fact, but suffice it to say, I’ve never had an interest in enemas, but something is changing in my outlook and I’m compelled to do them.)

My new outlook affects everything! It’s even made me content with getting rid of cable TV (Gasp!). I can’t believe I’m even writing that. Wow. Well, it won’t be as bad as I might’ve originally thought. We bought Apple TV and we’ll use it for the occasional movie, and the money I’ll save on not having cable will be put to my new lifestyle (colonics, massage, specialty raw goodies, etc). But this will be quite an adventure. Bye bye, Grey’s Anatomy (my favorite TV show)… I thought I’d be sad about that, but you know what? Strangely, I am actually looking forward to it … doing a TV Cleanse, at least for now.

And this might sound hokey, but I’ll share it anyway. Here’s the thing. I’m going for something specific: total ethereal goddessness. Grace. Clarity, brightness, lit up from within. Succulent Energy. I want to flow… feel amazingly vibrant. And… I want to challenge myself. I want to get out of my comfort zone. Following an eating plan that is more pure, clean, simple (with enemas, colonics, yoga, meditation, and other things I have planned) will definitely push me. I want to EAT TO LIVE, and not live to eat. I’ve spent most of my life under the philosophy of living to eat. Fortunately my healthy eating habits have kept me, well… healthy, in spite of that mantra. However, I want to put that demon to rest. I want to fundamentally change my attitude toward food.

I have a vision for myself. I’m evolving. I want to see what happens with a lifestyle of this magnitude. I’m eager to see what it does for my body, hair, skin, energy, attitude, and spirituality.

What does this mean? I don’t anticipate being all raw like this forever (but who knows?!). As I said, I’m pursuing this for 90 days and then we’ll see.

I plan on eating cleaner, effortless foods, and therefore fewer gourmet foods. I will focus on simplicity (which translates to “easy” and this will help because I have Kamea to take care of). Will I have desserts? Hellz yeah, but I will limit myself to “just one” for the first time in my life. For example, I will make Cinnamon Brownies, but I will set aside a few for the week and freeze the rest. I will make raw cobblers in smaller batches so I don’t feel compelled to eat more than I need to prevent spoilage (I’ll detail those recipes in future posts). I’ll eat avocado, but now I won’t eat the whole thing in one sitting just because it’s there. I’ll space it out. Nuts? Dates? Yes, but smaller amounts. I’ll buy less at the store each time so I don’t find myself eating the produce in fear it’ll go bad and I don’t want to waste it, and I’ll make more trips if necessary to keep everything fresh. I’ll have more greens, more sea veggies (I traditionally hate these, but I’m committed to finding a way for them in my diet without cringing). I’ll continue enjoying smoothies but I’ll drink a pint at a time instead of a quart (my gluttonous history includes making enormous smoothies with 500-600 calories in them that I just don’t always need). I won’t eat big meals in the evening. Those are a few changes off the top of my head.

What about Greg? Greg is in full support and he’s coming along for the ride of most of it. He’ll have more protein shakes and a cooked vegan meal on most days, but the rest of his day he’ll be eating a lot of the ultra-super-clean badass food I’m making. So, for example, a typical day would have him enjoying some of the green smoothie I make, then  a protein shake (2-4 scoops of Sun Warrior or a protein grenade), then some of the salad I’m having, then another protein shake, raw snacks such as Go Pal’s nori power wraps (he calls them “healthy Slim Jims”), a fistful of supplements, then a raw dinner of what I make or a vegan burrito, bean soup, or something hearty like that. Then he heads to the gym (he strength trains 6 days a week), and when he comes home he has another protein shake. Greg thrives on vegan and raw foods. His body is gorgeous, strong, and buff (my BFF was commenting at xmas about his big biceps – hehe). Will he do enemas? When I asked with eager anticipation, he politely said, “er, no.” But he thinks I’m super cool for doing it.

Why 90 days? This is the time period that will give me a true feel and to get the authentic experience. I will see what it’s like to eat and live this way for an extended period. Anything less doesn’t seem like enough.

Here are a couple of food journal entries so far. I aim to post these regularly so you can see exactly what I’m doing. I’ll include food, supplements, physical activity, and whether I did enemas/colonics. Unfortunately, in the past, when I’ve posted my journals you only see snapshots of my diet and never the whole thing. This can be misleading. Some might think I routinely eat pounds of nuts when that is hardly the case. Some might think I drink too many protein shakes. But overall, over the course of weeks and months, it’s very balanced. I might eat a truckload of raw chocolate one week, but the next week I might not have any. Hopefully by sharing a continuous stream of food journals with this specific 90-day plan, you’ll see more balance and really get a feel for what I’m doing.

Read to the bottom where I’ll give you some words on how these days are making me feel…

Food Journal 

  • Pint filtered water with fresh picked and squeezed lemon juice from mom’s tree …. Pint Green Concoction of filtered water, 1 teaspoon green powder, 3 drops oregano oil
  • Gopals power wraps with nori (FINALLY, something I like using nori) …. Fresh picked grapefruit from mom’s tree :)
  • Pint Green smoothie (banana, orange, spinach, cucumber, Udo’s DHA oil, ice, water) …. 1/2 Boku Bar …. Probiotic and magnesium

Andrea's Oils... these are the bomb!

  • 1/4 teaspoon flax oil (The oils you’ll see me using now, Andreas oils, I’m convinced are the best oils out there. I’ve never experienced anything like them. We use them on our faces and bodies… the sunflower seed oil is beautiful on my face – must be the high vitamin E content – I looooove it(!)… and in our foods of course. They’re simply wonderful.) …. 1/4 teaspoon hemp oil and 3 honey dates. If you missed my recent post where I mentioned when I purchased them, the flax oil does not need to be refrigerated! Crazy, huh?
  • 10 chlorella nuts …. Water …. Kimchi with 1/4 teaspoon black sesame oil …. Fresh picked grapefruit …. Red and yellow bell peppers and 1/2 cucumber topped with raw garlic cashew cheese (recipe in my new book coming out, Raw Awakening, published by Chronicle Books – Early Summer 2012) …. Red Raspberry Leaf tea with raw coconut nectar and 1 drop cinnamon extract
  • 2 oranges, 1 grapefruit …. 4 chlorella nuts …. Herbal tea (same as above but used 3 drops cinnamon extract)
  • 1/2 large cucumber with raw garlic cheese dip …. Apple
  • enema (my first ever)


  • Pint filtered water with fresh picked lemon juice …. Goji berries …. Pint Green Concoction of filtered water, 1T green powder, 2 drops coriander oil, fresh lemon juice …. Prenatal vitamins, vitamin K2, magnesium
  • Green smoothie (chard, water, ice, banana, cucumber, Udo’s DHA oil, pomegranate powder, coconut drops) …. 10 chlorella nuts (I’m starting to chew these nowadays, making them more food-like. I’m not crazy about it and I usually have some water by to help get it down and out of my molars) …. Probiotic
  • 2 apples …. Kimchi …. 2 pieces Raw Peppermint Chocolate …. 4 pili nuts …. blueberries …. Raspberry Leaf tea with 3 drops of cinnamon extract
  • Red bell peppers, cucumber, topped with Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto made with pili nuts
  • Grapefruit, 2 Oranges, 10 chlorella nuts
  • Sun Warrior Protein shake (double scoop) with brazil nut protein powder (great for getting a natural source of selenium), 1 small empress date (bought these from The Raw Food World but I’m not entirely impressed – the medjools are MUCH better), and white chocolate extract 
  • enema


  • Pint filtered water with fresh picked/juiced lemon …. Pint filtered water with 1T green powder and fresh lemon juice … Goji berries and blueberries
  • 10 chlorella nuts …. Pint Green Smoothie (apples,  Udo’s DHA oil, water, ice, pomegranate powder, spinach, chard) …. GoPal’s Power Wraps (Italian flavor) …. Probiotic, prenatals, B12, vitamin K2
  • Pint Raspberry Leaf tea (extra strong, I stock up on this through Amazon for a great deal)
  • Fruit salad (Grapefruit, kiwi, apple, orange, avocado) …. 2 pieces raw Peppermint Chocolate
  • Large Veggie Bowl (cucumber, bell peppers, romaine) tossed with Pili nut pesto ….
  • Mint Chocolate Protein shake (2 scoop Sun Warrior, 1T brazil nut powder, 1T hemp powder, water, ice, 4 fresh mint leaves)
  • Raspberry Leaf tea
  • enema


  • Filtered water with fresh picked/squeezed lemon …. Filtered water with 1T green powder, 2 drops cherry extract, and fresh lemon juice …. 3 tangerines (fresh picked from Mom’s tree), blueberries, and goji berries
  • Pint Raspberry Leaf tea (strong, used 2 bags)
  • Green Applesauce (apples, chard, water, Udo’s oil, chia seeds). This was soooooooo yummy!!!
  • 2 pieces raw Peppermint Chocolate
  • Fruit salad (pictured to the right with grapefruit, orange, apple, kiwi) …. Gopal’s power wraps …. 10 chlorella nuts, prenatals, probiotic, vitamin K2, vegan DHA
  • Zucchini pasta with chopped veggies tossed in scrumptious raw garlic cheese sauce (pictured below… just like alfredo sauce – we were all licking our bowls) and seasoned with raw hot sauce (I bought the two raw hot sauces from The Raw Food World  – they’re both great! – because with my simpler eating plan, I think it’ll be fun to include some hot sauces or spices. My mom put some on her dish and she exclaimed, “Hot damn!”)
  • Carrot salad – shredded carrots with diced dates (these are the best dates on the planet), pure nutritious raw pumpkin seed oil, raw BBQ seasoning (I’ll blog the awesome recipe next week – it’s kick ass and that seasoning is sooooo good!) …. Raw pili nut non-chocolate white chocolate (I’ll blog about this more soon, too)
  • Protein shake (2 scoops Sun Warrior, 2 T hemp protein powder, fresh mint leaves, water, ice)
  • Raspberry Leaf, Chamomile, and Lavender tea (I just bought that lavender and it’s really beautiful)

    Super delicious zucchini pasta

What am I feeling so far, after a few days? LOTS! Even though I have a set number of days in mind, I haven’t once looked at the calendar and thought “Oh, I have so much longer to still go.” It’s the opposite actually. I’m loving this every day and excited about my immediate progress and success.

I can report that my tastes have already changed. Every bite of fresh raw and SIMPLE food is bursting with flavor and deliciousness to me, which is superb because it makes me not miss other foods, even the gourmet stuff. I have zero cravings or desire for anything other than simple, easy, fresh raw food. Brilliant!

I started the enemas (I’ll blog on that later)… but I firmly believe they have supported me in all ways with my new eating mission… motivation, inspiration, feeling amazing, energy, and I have the most beautiful clear and soft skin. Greg was rubbing my arm last night and kept commenting how it’s as soft as Kamea’s butt.

So, overall, I’m feeling fantastic and on top of the world. I look forward to sharing even more awesomeness in the coming weeks!

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