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My 90-Day Clean Raw Food Mission – Kristen Suzanne’s Raw Reboot™ – Update

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Happy New Year! It’s been a week or so since I shared  My 90-Day Clean Raw Food Mission (let me say… I have LOOOVED all of your awesome comments and feedback. It seems like some of you are on board and wanting the same for yourselves, so I welcome an ongoing dialogue via these posts where you can share your journey), and I’m feeling fantastically awesome. I am flying high and everything I wanted is falling into place. It’s working! I’m going to shine brighter than ever… I can just feeeeeeeeel it. My body has a lightness to it and those dry and sluggish feelings are dissipating.

So, here are some juicy details… 

  • I’m eating beautiful, effortless organic raw foods (food journals below). The flavors “Pop! Pop! Pop!” in my mouth. Talk about dancing taste buds. Carrots taste amazing. Cucumbers goosh waterness (apparently, waterness isn’t a word, but it should be). Tangerines, grapefruits, and oranges make me stand up straighter. Apples are addicting. The list goes on… I adore this simple effortless eating.
  • I reorganized my kitchen to support my new lifestyle. This included putting the coffee machine away, rearranging cupboards and the refrigerator, arranging my new raw food goodies I’ve been stocking up on. It was fun!

Bountiful and organized!

  • Enemas (I’ll dedicate a blog post to just that topic very soon).
  • Dry skin brushing before my shower.
  • New dental hygiene protocol that I love (details in the future).
  • Using my new (and favorite) delicious oils on my face and body – I get a charge just opening the bottles, they seem so precious and full of beauty. (I didn’t buy the whole 8-pack shown in the link, because I didn’t feel drawn to the chia seed or wild peanut oils; rather, I selected certain ones that you’ll see make appearances in my Raw Reboot Lifestyle Journals below).
  • Chewing my food better. Now that I’m not wolfing down enormous portions of food, I’m taking my time to savor each bite of food. This is something I’ve been working on for like 20 years and it’s finally sinking in. I’m really making some awesome changes.
  • Meditating for small periods throughout the day – for example, when Kamea naps or breastfeeds, instead of feeling pulled to use my iPhone, I’m closing my eyes and meditating on the Total Ethereal Goddess I am becoming.
  • Extra Support to further my evolution – This new life is still unfolding as the days go by and I’ll continue to metamorphose, doing things in steps. I haven’t done yoga this week yet because we were out of town but I’ll start that again on Sunday. Meanwhile, I ordered this groovy yoga book, Yoga Anatomy (2nd edition) to help me learn more about the poses. I love the idea of knowing which muscles should be working with which poses. This will greatly enhance my yoga. I also read the book, Inside Poop, this week which has me excited about colonics but I’m still researching local facilities for that.

  • Greg and I did our Annual New Year’s Eve Vision/Goal Ritual and it was extra cool and unique this year. Instead of separating my life into facets like I usually do (health, work, travel, family, leisure, etc), I was eager to use a new approach fitting with my evolution. I had at the top of my page in pink marker Total Ethereal Goddessness to which I automatically knew what things would help me achieve that (the things/activities I noted in the previous post, which I’ll keep accessible because I like rereading it). Stemming from that overarching goal were a couple goals I will make happen (creating a bountiful garden, getting pregnant, taking an awesome trip to the CA coast, and a couple of other things). Interestingly, it’s as if this year I have a theme for my life instead of a bunch of specific goals, because I’ll manifest many things naturally from living my Total Ethereal Goddessness Theme. Does that make sense?

Kristen Suzanne’s Raw Reboot Lifestyle Journal


Easy Chopped Salad

  • Pint filtered water with lemon …. 12 chlorella nuts …. goji berries, blueberries …. Pint herbal tea (nettles, raspberry leaf, lavender)
  • Green Cinnamon Applesauce (apples, water, spinach, cinnamon, Chia seeds - I’ll share the exact recipe in my next email newsletter - sign up here!) …. GoPal’s Nori Wraps ….vegan DHA+EPA, probiotic, prenatal
  • Pint raw coconut water, 4 walnuts, 1/2 carrot
  • Enema, dry skin brush
  • Pint herbal tea (raspberry leaf, peppermint leaf, lemon balm, nettles, lavender)
  • Easy Chopped Salad (carrot, celery, cucumber, red bell peppers, green leaf lettuce, Frank’s BBQ seasoning, raw flax oil – this recipe was super. I’ll post it in detail soon. And, let me just say that I am loving the Frank’s seasonings so much that I just purchased the whole  9-tin set a couple of nights ago. I think this makes a great gift, too, which is why I gifted myself with it – hehe) …. 1 piece raw peppermint chocolate
  • Eureka Granola(!) (Lydia’s Grainless Apple Raw Organic Granola soaked in the fresh squeezed orange juice and raw coconut water. It was so friggin’ yummy. I had no idea granola could be this awesome without milk. I wanted to try something new, making the granola experience a bit lighter and it did.)
  • Zucchini pasta and veggies (red bell pepper, sliced carrot, grape tomatoes) tossed in Pili Garlic Cheese Sauce (the same cashew garlic cheese sauce I’m always making but this time I made with pili nuts (which also happens to be my favorite nut for making pesto) …. 8 chlorella nuts
  • Protein shake (2T brazil nut protein, 1T hemp seeds, 2T hemp protein powder, 1 cup water, 1 frozen banana, pinch stevia, 3 drops dark chocolate extract) These really are the best extracts. I have a little collection going now because I stocked up with some of them being on sale. More gifts for me ;)
  • Pint herbal tea (chamomile, peppermint)
Greg: Green Cinnamon Applesauce, herbal tea, Easy Chopped Salad, multiple protein shakes, supplements, Eureka Granola, zucchini pasta, grapefruit.
Kamea:  goji berries, blueberries, raw chocolate, bites of GoPal power nori wrap, lots of breastmilk, red bell pepper, pili nuts, chlorella, chickpeas, protein shake

Green Cinnamon Applesauce - Yummmmers!

  • Filtered water …. fruit salad (apple, banana, grapefruit, orange, blueberries) …. 12 chlorella nuts …. GoPal nori power wraps …. 1 scoop SunWarrior protein shake with water (I was pretty hungry and felt like I needed the protein shake and power wraps to balance out the fruit salad.) …. Vegan DHA+EPA, vitamin k2, B12, prenatals, probiotic
  • Pint warm tea (jasmine green, chamomile)
  • 1c tangerine juice
  • Salad Smoothie (cucumber, stalk celery, red bell pepper, carrot, romaine, BBQ Seasoning, raw flax seed oil, fresh tangerine juice) …. 2 pieces raw peppermint chocolate …. Probiotic
  • Walnuts, 3 small dates, grapefruit
  • Veggies, Fruit, and non-salted cultured veggies: cucumber, carrots, celery, red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, apple, plus scoop of cultured veggies …. 2 bites raw granola with no milk ….  1 piece raw chocolate
  • Water with a squeeze fresh tangerine juice …. 12 Chlorella nuts ….  Fruit salad (apple, grapefruit, orange, blueberries, banana – the vitamin c from the citrus helps my body assimilate the iron from the chlorella
  • Tea (jasmine green and chamomile mixed) I am thoroughly enjoying tea more than ever before. I attribute it to my new mission, mindset, and clean life. It’s relaxing, soothing, and in a bizarre way it causes me to pause… I slow down, breathe deeper, and savor it. Do you ever feel that way when drinking tea?
  • Green Cinnamon Applesauce (water, banana, apple, chia,  spinach, bunch of cinnamon) I have to say again how delish this is! I look forward to it big time …. GoPals power nori wrap (my whole family gets a kick outta these) …. Probiotic, vitamin k2, vegan DHA+EPA (this is my new DHA I’ve been taking. It’s on special now, for January, so I bought a lot(!) be sure to click the “At-Cost Specials” link for the special pricing on their site)
  • Herbal tea
  • Enema
  • Fresh Cucumber Lemon Pepper Soup (1 cucumber, 1 celery, 1c water, 3/4t Frank’s lemon pepper seasoning, 1 1/2t pumpkin seed oil, 1 drop coriander seed oil, 1/2c fresh tangerine juice) This was excellent, hydrating, light, fresh, and simple. Completely in line with my current mission. :)
  • Dip time! I really look forward to my veggies and dip. Today it was a medley of cucumber, carrots, bell pepper, celery and BBQ Cashew Garlic Cheese Dip (same staple recipe I always make but I reduced the salt and added Frank’s BBQ seasoning) …. 1 piece Raw Peppermint Chocolate …. Apple
  • Went on a walk with Greg and Kamea
  • Protein shake (water, 2 scoops Sun Warrior, 2T hemp protein powder, cinnamon, pili nut non-chocolate white chocolate… Blend then add ice)
  • Felt pretty hungry around 9pm so I had a carrot and dipped it in a bit of leftover BBQ Cashew Garlic Cheese Dip (Kamea shared the dip with me, she loves it), Bragg’s ACV bottled drink
  • Still hungry… had a cucumber sliced in half sprinkled with Frank’s BBQ seasoning. It was good!
Greg: He had Green Cinnamon Apple Sauce, multiple protein shakes, fruit salad, veggies with dip, and a tofu brat sliced over Amy’s frozen vegan mac-n-cheese
Kamea: Although I’m not going to post Kamea’s eats much because I decided to keep her life more private (perhaps that alone is another blog post?)… today she had chlorella nuts, GoPal nori wrap (a couple bites), blueberries, pili nuts, various veggies and dip, water, breastmilk, homemade macaroni n cheese, raw peppermint chocolate, some protein shake, Bragg’s ACV drink.

Fresh Cucumber Lemon Pepper Soup

  • Filtered water, tangerines and blueberries …. Tea (raspberry leaf, lavender) …. Green applesauce – sooooo yummy! (apples, banana, spinach, water, chia seeds)
  • GoPal power nori wraps …. probiotic, vitamin k2, vegan DHA+EPA, B12 …. Fruit salad (grapefruit, orange, kiwi, apple) …. 10 chlorella nuts …. Herbal tea
  • Enema
  • Salad (romaine, grape tomatoes, red bell pepper, apple, olive and pumpkin oils mixed with lemon pepper seasoning, lemon juice, and raw coconut nectar)
  • Enema
  • Large Cucumber Smoothie (1cup water, 1 large English cucumber, cayenne, lemon juice, banana) …. few pieces non-chocolate white chocolate and taste tests of raw chocolate I made (peppermint and coconut)
  • New Years Eve Herbal tea (chamomile, dried rose petals, fresh mint leaves, and lavender) gosh I’m madly in love with this lavender. Only using a tiny bit. Sooo lovely.
  • Protein shake (water, ice, 2 scoops Sun Warrior, 2T hemp protein powder, 2 drops cherry extract)
Greg: Green smoothie, fruit salad, gopal wraps, herbal tea, multiple protein shakes, raw chocolate… and I made him homemade mac-n-cheese, none of which passed my lips.

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