Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Raw Beauty Tip: Fruit On My Face

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Hi Everyone!

Here’s a quick, easy, and “tasty” beauty tip! The next time you’re prepping some fruit or veggies for your salad, smoothie, or juice… take the parts you’re cutting off to throw away and rub on your skin for a quick nutrient packed mask. For example, when I cut off the peel from an orange or grapefruit, I take the inside of the peel (which has some flesh on it) and I rub it all over my face. If I’m cutting off the greens from strawberries, I rub the fleshy part on my face before tossing the greens into my bunny bowl (that’s the bowl of scraps I toss off our patio to the bunnies – they love organic produce!). Cucumbers, pineapple(!), papaya, and apples (I rub the apple’s core on my face) are awesome, too. These are natural and effective ways to enhance your beauty. Think about it… nutrients straight from the source, right? You’ll feel awesome while you’re doing it, too. Just remember to wash it off after about 5-10 minutes.

Want to hear a super cute story? I did the “fruit mask” a few times during the week and Kamea watched me. The next time I was cutting the produce she took a piece and rubbed it on her face. Atta girl!

Another GREAT beauty mask? IRISH MOSS GEL! It’s amazing – totally tightens ya up. I try to keep a jar of the gel in my fridge at all times for food and beauty (I teach you how to make your below). It’s another no-brainer. Beauty companies add sea ingredients to their products all the time, but this is the freshest way to get it. Cheaper, too.

And… some news about me…. I had a handful of highlites added back into my hair, around my face, and I am crazy in love with it. I went to an organic salon for it and the product didn’t “touch” my scalp (if you live in the area and need a hair dresser referral, my guy is da bomb!). So… it’s all good except for one thing… I know it’s not super green for the environment so I’m battling that (the product still gets washed down the drain – boohoo). I also don’t know how, in the long run, my hair’s health will fare with it. Will it end up getting dry and swiss cheese like? I suppose not nearly as bad as it used to be because I’m only doing them around my face, top of my head. I know one thing… I’ve gone about 3 years as a natural brunette, and I like change. Heck, I’d even be open to doing red some day. Who knows? Playing with makeup and hair goodies is always a fun passion of mine.

Speaking of beauty goodies! OMG Do I have a couple of stellar beauty giveaways coming up for you! So, stay tuned!!! One is scheduled for Monday and the other about two weeks after that. Meanwhile… I also have a blog post coming up about 4 books that changed my life! And… I still have posts about my teeth cleaning regimen and my latest beauty craze with products. So much to share!!!!!!!!!!

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