Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

My 90-Day Clean Raw Food Mission – Kristen Suzanne’s Raw Reboot™ – Update #8

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I’ve been a high energy, video making freak today. Count them… 5 videos I made and uploaded to YouTube. Here is one of them. I’m chatting about how High Raw can be a slippery slope and how it feels at day 57 of my Raw Reboot.

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Here are my food journals.


  • Quart Green juice (2 cucumbers, 2 red bell peppers, handful basil, 1/2 bunch celery) … Grapefruit/orange/apple …. Supplements
  • Large protein shake in glass with ice (water, hemp, vega shake n go, SunWarrior) shown in video above
  • Salad made with a great new raw dressing (Dynamic Orange Tomato Dressing) that I made in a video that’s on YouTube here …. Raw chocolate mint pie
  • Kelp noodles with sun-dried tomato pesto that I made in a YouTube video here
  • Veggie salad of cucumber, red bell pepper and cauliflower topped with the dressing I featured in the YouTube video a couple lines up
  • The day isn’t over, so I don’t know what else is in store for my raw food… probably nuts, seeds, fruit, and another protein shake…


Hanging out at the Wigwam Resort with Greg and Kamea. Just relaxing.

  • water w green powder …. Citrus salad with tangerine juice …. Protein shake
  • Raw chocolate mint pie …. Apple …. Few bites guacamole at Wigwam Resort
  • Double serving BFF Kelp Noodles (this time I soaked the noodles in fresh tangerine juice – yowza yum – I’m sharing the detailed recipe of BFF Kelp Noodles – plus variations – within the next few days!) …. Raw chocolate mint pie
  • Brazil nuts …. Protein shake (1/4c hemp, 2T vega shake n go, and 1 scoop Sun Warrior) …. 1/3 apple
  • Orange …. Apple …. Sunflower seeds (great source of vitamin e)


My kitchen assistant :)

  • Water with oregano oil …. Citrus salad …. Supplements
  • Green smoothie with coconut meat, greens, apple, and coconut water
  • Pint fresh squeezed Tangerine juice …. Large Salad (romaine, fennel, carrot, cabbage, bell pepper) …. Raw Mint Chocolate Pie
  • Citrus salad …. Romain/Cabbage Salad
  • Smoothie with raw coconut meat, fresh tangerine juice, and vanilla extract …. Citrus salad …. Raw chocolate mint pie
  • Green juice
  • Protein shake with raw coconut water


Kale salad

  • Water w amazing grass chocolate powder …. 1 quart Green Veggie Juice (1 bunch chard, 1/2 bunch celery, 2 cucumbers, dandelion )
  • Green smoothie (water, mango, Swiss chard) …. Single GoPal power wrap
  • Kale salad (mango, avocado, salt, jalapenos, kraut)
  • Quart CCC Juice (8 Carrots 1/2 bunch Celery 1 Cucumber, dandelion) …. Citrus salad
  • Protein shake with raw coconut meat and coconut water.
  • Huge salad with a head of romaine and 4-Ingredient Magic Dressing …. Large citrus salad …. Mother Earth Chocolate — I had a serious food baby-belly going on!


  • Quart green juice
  • Frozen Persimmon Green Smoothie (frozen persimmons, sunflower sprouts, Water) …. GoPal Power Wraps
  • Protein shake with raw almond milk
  • Apple …. 2 raw granola bars
  • Cucumber, apple, kraut …. Chocolate mint pie
  • Head of romaine with lemon juice n kraut, nuts, seed
  • Mother Earth Chocolate (recipe in my Chocolate Recipe Book available for purchase here)


Mother Earth Chocolate ingredients

  • Quart veggie juice …. Tea …. Protein shake
  • Fruit salad (citrus, apple) …. Tea
  • Avo n kraut smashed together (a match made in heaven) …. Pumpkin seeds n banana smashed
  • Green sprout smoothie (bananas, spinach, sunflower sprouts, cinnamon) …. Nom-Nom Salad (recipe coming soon!)
  • GoPal Power wraps …. Mother Earth Raw Chocolate
  • Green smoothie (water, apple, banana, orange, spinach, sunflower sprouts)


This Norwalk Juicer effin' rules!

  • Pint veg juice …. Tea
  • Quart veggie juice …. Banana w almond butter …. Miso broth made with warm water
  • Large green cinnamon applesauce with chia seeds
  • Large salad (romaine, avocado, veggies, kraut) …. Dates almonds
  • Pili nuts, pumpkin seeds
  • 3 cups veggie juice
  • Citrus salad


  • Quart veggie juice …. Dbl scoop Protein shake …. Pumpkin seeds …. tea
  • Apple, veggies, guacamole, Chunky Green Smoothie
  • Salad, raw chocolate
  • Raw soup, salad, quart veggie juice, raw chocolate


  • Pint Veggie juice …. Pint carrot cabbage juice …. Waited 20 minutes and had double scoop Protein shake
  • 1.5 pints Green Cinnamon Applesauce (apples, spinach, cinnamon, chia seeds, water) …. Supplements
  • Apple, banana, kale chips
  • Large salad (romaine, avocado, red bell pepper, kraut, meyer lemon juice) …. Fruit salad (grapefruit, orange, banana, cucumber)
  • Green Chunky Smoothie (water, sunflower sprouts, cucumber, bananas) …. Raw chocolate
  • Pint veggie juice
  • Apple banana almond butter


Kamea helping me peel 10 lbs of organic carrots

  • Pint Carrot ginger juice …. Pink grapefruit nectar …. Supplements …. Pumpkin seeds
  • Pint carrot ginger juice …. Green Cinnamon Applesauce …. Protein shake
  • Tea …. 1 power wrap stick …. Almond butter n celery n carrots
  • Salad (romaine, kraut, avocado, bell pepper) …. Pili non choc choc …. Pistachios
  • Protein shake …. Waited 1/2 hour then had Veggie juice (chard, carrots, lemon, celery, cucumber) …. Carrot cabbage juice
  • Veggies with raw nut cheese dip

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