Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Square Food Gardening – VIDEO – My First Garden (Yippee!) – Post #1

by Kristen Suzanne in vegan

I have a ladder I imagine myself on when it comes to healthy living. The ultimate tippy top includes growing my own food. Well, I’m almost there. (What are the other steps under it? Well, going vegan to going raw/high raw, all organic, juicing a lot, getting a Norwalk, and growing my own food tops it out.)

But, I’m a total newbie and completely intimidated. That is until I read about Square Food Gardening. OK, still a tad intimidated but I’m taking it step by step and crossing my fingers.

For starters, my friend gave us some organic transplants (zucchini, chocolate peppers(?), and something about cherries – don’t those grown on a tree?). Then, we planted organic seeds (cucumbers, romaine, and spinach). We need to buy the trellis still, but that can wait a bit. The boxes have drainage, too, for those of you who are wondering. I think I can do the spinach for one round with the spring weather. After that I will try chard? I read that handles heat OK.

These are the books I ordered to help:

Square Foot Gardening, Extreme Gardening (good for our climate), and The Garden Guy.

So, here are some pictures to enjoy and a video of how we’re doing with it. I’ll continue to update as time progresses.

Kamea is reading up on it for us.


Just built the boxes and now putting in soil.


Ready for planting.


Greg planting organic seeds and transplants.


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