Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Raw Vegan Food Journal. Living Fuel. Motherhood. Running.

by Kristen Suzanne in food journal, Motherhood

Hi everyone!

Kamea is taking a nap and I’m feeling energized so I thought I’d share a quick blog post of my food for today. It was a Raw Vegan Day – high energy, nutrient dense, and EASY PEASY for this busy mama.

Before that though, I have FOUR things I want to cover:

1) How many of you have tried Living Fuel products? I’m intrigued. I realize some have vitamin D3, not vegan, but other than that… has anyone tried? Thoughts? I found these two reviews on them. Natural News and Evolving Wellness (she also did a 12-day challenge with it and blogged about it, be sure to check that out too. Lots of good details).

Living Fuel's product line

2) Motherhood. What do I want to cover in just a few words here? Well, I want to say that it’s the toughest and greatest job in the world, and I plan on blogging more about it, how I navigate it, and putting it all out there (including this ridiculous picture of me below). So, there’s that to come. ;)

Motherhood. Entertaining Kamea while drinking a protein shake, wearing paper mache peppers on my head w/ ponytail and about zero makeup on. Gotta love Greg... I sent him the pic and he said I'm his sexy Mayan princess. He's a smoooooth talker.

3) I am starting to run. Well, let’s be honest, I’m working on a gentle jog, as I call it, and I’m using this Couch to 5K app via my iPhone to train me. I’ll write more on the whole running thing later… Let’s just say though. I’ve NEVER been a runner. Can’t believe I’m even attempting it, but I was inspired by my friend Julie and this blog post she shared with me. I’m on day three tonight.

Vibrams. One reason I never wanted to run was b/c of long term damage to joints. Supposedly, barefoot running (or w/ Vibrams) will help prevent that. Plus, they're groovy looking. I feel like spider man.

4) THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you who are supporting me and Pre-Ordered your copy of my upcoming book, Raw Awakening. It means so much to me getting your support. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! (By the way, if you pre-ordered you know you get a free copy of my ebook Raw Vegan Transitions… if for any reason you didn’t get it yet, please email me again!)

Raw Vegan Food journal (May 16)


Chomp! Biting into an organic orange bell pepper like it's an apple. Low calorie, lots of phytonutrients and vitamin c. Yeah baby! Bring on the easy raw foods!

  • Organic fair trade decaf coffee (if you’re a coffee lover, Green Star coffee is amazing. We tried it for the first time in Santa Barbara. We don’t drink coffee a ton, but when we do it’s usually decaf – always organic and fair trade).
  • Core Defender cashew cacao bar (I have a review post coming soon where I write about these)
  • Water with Greener Grasses and organic stevia from Navitas Naturals
  • Braggs Limeade while shopping at Whole Foods, carrying Kamea in one arm, and pushing a shopping cart with the other. Yeah. I multi-task lol. And. I took my child to the store wearing her shirt, diaper, and shoes… because, well, she didn’t want to wear pants or shorts. Who am I to tell her otherwise?
  • Iced Tea to support reproductive health
  • Mini watermelon
  • 1/3 cup Jalapeño kraut with one avocado smashed together
  • Raw vegan protein shake (Sun Warrior, cacao nibs, ice water, 1.5 bananas, hemp protein)
  • 2 Bell peppers eaten like they’re apples(!), sugar snap peas, protein shake like above but added chia seeds
  • sprouted dehydrated pumpkin seeds

I also bought a truck load of organic mini portabella mushrooms to make raw marinated/dehydrated mushrooms. Soooo yummy and addictive. Will be making these today and dehydrating over night.

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