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California Road Trip (with Photos) – Part 2 of 2

by Kristen Suzanne in travel

Hope you enjoyed part one of my California Road Trip adventure. Here is part two!

After we left Santa Barbara, we traveled to Avila where we stayed with friends in their gorgeous home with an organic olive farm. We took Kamea to the beach and she touched the ocean for the first time. She loved it! I expected nothing less from my water baby though. It was so fun seeing her in awe of the feeling of sand, cold ocean water, waves, etc. Must get back soon!

Me, Kamea, and our friend's 7 year old daughter.


We went into San Louis Obispo, reputed to be the happiest place in America, which was about 10 minutes from Avila. It didn't disappoint. People are very friendly! :) One of our main stops: Bliss Cafe (all vegan with some raw).


While in Bliss Cafe, we opted for a booth that was a window seat with cushions. Kamea doesn't do high chairs so this was perfect. She found a book on peaceful living that she flipped through while we ate. Oh, what did we order? Green smoothie, Peace Plate (it was great!), quiche (pretty good), and a burger (quite salty).

We headed back to Santa Barbara and from there stayed a couple of nights where I made sure to enjoy my new addiction, Acai Bowls!, from Backyard Bowls. I really should just write a whole post on these things and this place. They’re awesome. I think I will in fact. Suffice it to say, not all acai bowls are the same I learned when trying an acai bowl from another place, in Palm Springs. Backyard Bowls definitely has the magic touch and I had one each day. A large one, too! Which is a lot!

The picture below truly doesn’t do this magnificent concoction of texture heaven and flavor nirvana justice, but it is the best I have. This bowl had acai, banana, peanut butter, hemp milk, hemp protein powder, and mango blended. Then, add granola, sliced bananas, hemp seeds, and agave (sometimes I opted no agave). I changed their offering a bit by asking for mango in place of strawberries because the strawberries weren’t organic, and I had agave in place of honey (I wish I could have honey because I love the taste, but I’m vegan for ethical reasons and the bees aren’t making the honey for me ;)).

Mmmmm I loved these acai bowls… It’s like ice cream in the morning. I will definitely re-create and share it once I’ve nailed it or made something equally delicious. I have the components in my kitchen now.

Diego's Power Bowl


Another place we frequented for 3 dinners and 1 breakfast was Adama's (vegan comfort cuisine). Holy shit this place was amazing, as you can imagine with our repeated visits. Again, like Backyard Bowls, I found something that I couldn't stop ordering... it was their lasagna. Oh my... I'm drooling just thinking about it. The flavors and texture were sublime and the experience unforgettable. Most of their things were gluten-free, too. I didn't take pics because, well, I couldn't stop eating between bites to do it. Here's Kamea entertaining herself with her iPad. She watches YouTube videos repeatedly. She's copying two young dancers by lifting her leg. OMG so cute! On this visit, it was breakfast, and since they didn't offer lasagna on their breakfast menu (WTF? J/K), I had the scramble which OMG was so friggin good. I licked my plate each time we visited. No lie. Not ashamed to admit that.


On our way out of Santa Barbara we learned there was an Earth Day festival so we stopped. It was pretty cool.


Fun photo opp at the festival


Manus, Robyn, Me, Kamea: Last, but not least... after leaving Santa Barbara, we headed to Long Beach where my dear soul sista, Robyn (from Saudi), happened to be. We met up for lunch at Zypher's. It was so much fun catching up with her. My only regret is that we didn't get to see each other more! We have a ton in common and it's always fun to chat away with another mama.


Kamea conducting business on her calculator turned cell phone, while we hang out in a parking lot for a spell. She's very busy, ya know.

Here’s that video I was writing about … Kamea watches it over and over. I still can’t believe my eyes. Incredible strength.

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