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Raw Marinated Dehydrated Mushrooms and Onions – Oh My!

by Kristen Suzanne in dehydrator

Organic portabella mushrooms

Are you looking for something that is raw, healthy, flavorful, and a hearty addition to some of your raw or vegan meals? Then, I have a solution for you. If you’ve been following my tweets (and my mom’s) over the past few weeks, then you know our dehydrators are running a lot. Why? Because our family is hooked on raw organic marinated dehydrated mushrooms (and onions). They are fabulous, chewy, scrumptious, and worth the price of a dehydrator alone.

Personally, eating onions or mushrooms plain and raw has never been my thing. But, marinate them and dehydrate them? Wowza! Addicting. I eat these by the handful, stirred into raw (or cooked) soups and sauces, tossed on sandwiches or inside wraps, smothered with hummus or smashed avocado. The options go on and on. They transform any meal into something extra special.

Bonus: They’re perfect for non-raw foodies because they take on a cooked flavorful texture and experience. The mushrooms are commonly referred to as a healthy raw vegan meat substitute. Tantalize your non-raw spouse with these babies and you’ll have him (or her) hooked. And, the onions, are like onion rings because they’re light, airy, and kind of crispy. Pop a bowl of these on your lap the next time you sit down to watch TV.

If you haven’t seen my review of my latest dehydrator, the Sedona, check it out here.

Here’s what you do for the onions – or as I call them… RAW ONION RINGS. Super easy.

  1. Me. Onion Goggles.

    I like to make a big batch each time so that they last longer than the week. It’s easy to chomp your way through them in 1-2 nights so go big and make a bunch. Start with 4 yellow onions and consider doubling the recipe for future batches after you’ve tried them. (4 onions will give you about two dehydrator trays worth.)

  2. Thinly slice (peeled) onions, using a mandolin for ease and accuracy. (I wear these onion goggles to keep my eyes protected from watering and irritation and to make Kamea laugh – silly but fun.) Put the sliced onions in a big bowl.
  3. Pour on about 2 tablespoons of organic raw oil of choice (we use raw olive oil, raw sunflower oil, raw sesame seed oil, or raw pumpkin seed oil) with 3 tablespoons of tamari (we opt for low sodium), a couple squeezes of fresh lemon juice, and some garlic powder (fresh minced garlic is great, too, but can be a bit spicy). A little marinade goes a long way. You can reduce the oil a bit if desired.
  4. Toss the onions so they’re evenly coated.
  5. Dehydrate at 135 degrees F for about an hour. (I use the non-stick dehydrating sheets that came with my Sedona dehydrator so the marinade doesn’t drip through the dehydrator trays.) Reduce the temp to 105 and continue dehydrating for another 12-24 hours. *For newbies to raw dehydrating… Yes, using your dehydrator for about an hour at a higher temp is fine. The food sweats (cools) and so the air circulating around the food is warm, but the food itself doesn’t get hot. Be sure to turn it down after an hour or two though.

4 yellow onions, peeled and sliced

Onions marinated and ready for dehydrator.

Pro tip: Make a LOT! They will go fast. I promise.

How to eat: Enjoy these topped on raw or cooked foods. Think: salads, stews, pizza, burgers, or just eating plain!

Raw-Organic-Marinated-Dehydrated Onions (this is a picture of a batch my mom made, which was more than 4 onions)

Here’s what you do for the mushrooms… Do the same as above for the onions (make a lot!), but you don’t need a mandolin and they don’t need to be sliced, per se. Instead, I just quickly chop them up with a knife.

The beauty of the mushrooms is they take on this dense chewy flavor. I find myself eating a bunch of them after the first hour of dehydrating when they’re still plump, but warm and flavorful (i.e., not chewy yet). They’re seriously good – that’s why I say to make a bunch so that you can still have some left over to get to the dense chewy stage after another 12-24 hours of dehydrating.

(I made these the other day.) Chopped baby portabella mushrooms and white button mushrooms (3 packages in total) that are sauced up and ready to be split between two dehydrator trays.

Raw-Organic-Marinated-Dehydrated baby portabella mushrooms. Don't they look awesome?! My mom made these.

Here is one way that I enjoyed them when I wasn’t scarfing them down by the handful.

Mom also made organic vegan stew with about every veggie under the sun. We topped it with her dehydrated mushrooms and onions. The mushrooms added their amazing "meaty" texture. Love love love!

Pro Tip: Want to save time? Use big portabella mushrooms instead of the button size. They’re easier to clean than all those little ones.

6 large portabella mushrooms.

Simply clean and chop the large portabella mushrooms. Put them in big bowl. Add 1/4 cup low sodium tamari, 1-2 squeezes of fresh lemon or lime juice, 2 tablespoons raw olive oil (or any fun raw organic oil you like), and 2 cloves minced garlic or a sprinkling of garlic powder (keep in mind, the raw garlic packs a spicy punch so you might prefer using garlic powder). Want another idea? Add nutritional yeast, too! Just sprinkle it on and toss the mushrooms so they’re evenly covered. It’s a lovely cheesy and fun alternative. (I like buying it in bulk from Amazon for a savings. I just transfer it to glass mason jars and freeze it or I split the order with my mom.)

Toss and stir everything so the marinade coats the mushrooms. Divide onto dehydrator trays lined with non-stick sheets and follow the dehydrating directions noted for the onions above. (Start at 135 degrees F for about an hour, enjoy some at this point – haha – and reduce the temperature to to 105-110 degrees F for another 10-20 hours.)

And, don’t forget! I have a great book (ebook available, too) all about dehydrating raw foods. Get your copy here!

What are your favorite foods to dehydrate?

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