Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Comfy Cinnamon Apricot Oatmeal (Part Raw / Part Cooked Vegan Recipe)

by Kristen Suzanne in vegan

I love a good warm comfy bowl of oatmeal. Sure, there are many times I’ve had my oats raw, but I also love them cooked. They are great as a transition to raw food because as you’ll see in the recipe below… the oats are the only cooked part. The rest of the dish is filled with nutrient dense raw foods.

The other day I decided to cook up a large batch so we could have some for eating (Kamea is a fan) and some for freezing to eat later. As a busy mom, I’m all about making food ahead of time and freezing it when possible (whether raw or cooked). For that, I use my FoodSaver. I’ve had it for years and can’t imagine my kitchen without it – a total kitchen BFF. (For more info on freezing raw food see my post here.)

Cinnamon Apricot Oatmeal

So! The other day Kamea was happily playing in her kinder perch. If you’re wondering what a kinder perch is, oh lovely, let me tell you! It’s another amazing investment if you have kids. I saw this nifty item before I was pregnant and knew I would have to have one after Kamea was born. It’s for use once your baby can stand and can be used for years(!). In fact, if we have two kids, they can both stand in it to help me in the kitchen at the same time (it has a pretty good weight limit). The main purpose is to make a safe area where your baby/toddler/small child can stand at counter height with you in the kitchen (um… it’s also great for forts.)  We bought ours here. Does our kitchen have room for it? Not exactly. Do I care? No. :)

Kamea in her kinderperch

Anyway… I digress… back to the oats.

I decided to whip up a quick batch of oats. I say quick, but they’re not “quick” cooking oats. I buy the good ol’ hearty ones.

Ingredients you’ll need (I’m not listing amounts because it’s based on eye-balling it and on how much you make. Never fear though, once the oats are cooked, you can’t screw this recipe up based on the amounts of the toppings. Just put in til your heart’s content.
Oatmeal, raw dried apricots, raw walnuts, raw nut milk, cinnamon, raw nut butter, diced apple (or banana)

Here’s what I did. I cooked the oats in the evening. Once they’re done and they started to cool, I added a handful of diced dried apricots and chopped walnuts. I stirred it together and put half of it in the refrigerator. The other half, once it was completely cooled, I froze (with my FoodSaver).

Overnight the oats will soften the nuts and the dried apricots – yum. The next morning, I took a small Le Creuset pot (my choice for cooking) and added about a cup of nut milk. I didn’t measure it, but I added enough to help liquify (a bit) the oatmeal because overnight it gets dense. I added enough of the nut milk to thin it out just a bit. To that, I added 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon and a spoonful of nut butter. I stirred it a bit. Then, I transferred the oats to it, added a diced apple and ever so gently warmed it. It was about lukewarm for the temperature when I took it off the stove. Voila! Comfy Cinnamon Apricot Oatmeal that is bursting with apricot flavor and texture nirvana.

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