Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Going to Barnes-N-Noble with Kamea… and Elmo… and Cookie Monster.

by Kristen Suzanne in kamea, Motherhood

With the weather warming up in Arizona, we find ourselves indoors more than outdoors. As such, we try to find activities where we can hang out with air conditioning. Oftentimes this lands us in the bookstore. Pictured below we are at Barnes-N-Noble playing with Kamea. She took a liking to the Elmo doll and Cookie Monster doll (it’s amazing the number of toys available in the bookstore), which she carried around for a good half hour before we stealthily distracted her and hid them. A few moments later, as we were making our to the door she sat down for a moment and had this look on her face like… Hmmm… I think something is missing but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

I had actually toyed with the idea on getting her an Elmo doll because she’s very much into the color red and she likes Elmo from her Elmo books (but the doll is anything but eco-friendly by looking at the materials and seeing it hails from China. Still, we do buy such things from time to time. I’m pragmatic in motherhood – I confess, we have our share of plastic shit).  Plus, she loves this fork and spoon set (it’s been instrumental in getting her to eat more solids so I have three sets – home, mom’s, and one set for my purse). Anyway, I planned on getting the stuffed toy via Amazon here, but I’m a bit dismayed on some reviews about his eyes breaking. Kamea’s fairly gentle with her things though so maybe all will be good. (On the topic of dolls and eco-friendly ones at that, I LOVE these custom handmade waldorf nursing dolls and plan on getting them this year.)

Here we are playing in the bookstore.

Clearly Barnes-N-Noble doesn't have their books organized. Kamea had a better solution.

"Houston, we don't have a problem. We have Elmo and Cookie Monster."

That face. At this moment I'm about to look at the price tags because how can I resist that precious face?

She decided to lay down with them.

Greg thought, "Sure, why not?"

Ahhh, mama is much more comfortable.

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