Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Energizing Food Journal – High Raw

by Kristen Suzanne in food journal

It’s time for a food journal post. I get requests for this quite a bit, and I understand the desire… I love reading about other people’s healthy eats. So, without further ado… here we go.

This stuff rocks the nutrient house.

1 Quart Green Juice with a tablespoon of  Vitamineral Green powder stirred in and 4 drops of raw coriander oil - this started my morning off with a bang. I’m a total Green Monster. (I was super pleased to learn that adding the Vitamineral Green powder to my Norwalk pressed green juice hardly altered the flavor. I was expecting to have to chug down my green juice but I barely noticed the green powder addition. That makes me so very happy because by adding some green powder to my potent green juice, well, I just kicked up that nutrition extra big time. I was flying high after drinking it.)

1 Quart Protein Power Smoothie: Protein powders with Cocochia, hemp seeds, spinach, acai powder, cucumber, and berries. I packed in the nutrients for this puppy. Fueling my body with everything it needed.

Core Defender Bar – love these. I have a weird addiction to them and have often had days where I eat two, sometimes three (gasp!), in a day.

1 Quart Green Juice with Greener Grasses and Sun Warrior’s Ormus Supergreens added. I was so elated to learn that mixing a nutrient dense green powder as hardcore as Vitamineral Green into my juice wouldn’t alter the flavor much, that I made a another but used different green powders. Again… it was completely enjoyable. Yeah baby!

Large salad. Homemade Veg and Bean Soup with hemp seeds stirred in. Core Defender Bar (I know, two in one day? Addicted)

2 cups raw organic coconut water post run.

Herbal tea

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