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Kaleidoscope Juice: New Organic Cold-Pressed Juice Delivery & Store!

by Kristen Suzanne in arizona, green juice

I am super thrilled to announce that there is a new juice delivery (and store!) in town – Kaleidoscope Juice. And, the best part is… my near and dear gal pals opened it.

Alexandra and Andrea dressed up for Halloween.

Meet Andrea and Alexandra, a mom and daughter team who have two of the biggest hearts and coolest energy in town on the planet. Seriously. If you’re not making your own juice because you’re too busy or don’t have the proper juicing equipment, then let me tell ya… You want these women making your juice. Why? Because you won’t just get ordinary juice… you’ll get something along the lines of ethereally-magical juice. All organic. All fresh. All filled with mega love. They don’t get the nickname “Juice Angels”  for nothing.

Alexandra does look angelic. :) She’s a beauty inside and out. She fills her body with goodness and it shows.

They don’t just offer juice though. They have a whole menu! Check it out here. The first time I saw it, I was like, “Whoa. What am I going to get? Probably one of everything.” Almost. Here are some things I grabbed on my first visit to their little store.

Chocolate Maca Milk. Kelp Noodle Salad. Kale Miso Quinoa Salad. River’s Clean Green Juice.

It’s exciting to see juicing getting popular and available. It’s so wonderful for your health, energy, beauty, body, and spirit. I’ve been hooked on juice for a long time, but as you know, not just any ol’ juice. It’s gotta be organic and fresh. Better yet is organic, fresh, and cold pressed because that’s where you get the most nutrient dense juice with minimal oxidation. When I drink fresh cold pressed juice, my cells dance, my mind energizes with a relaxing vibe, and I stand up straighter. What can I say, I do. It’s like I’m proud… proud of myself for making such an amazingly healthy choice and investing in my health.

I can feel the vibin’ energy just from holding this green baby.

My fun didn’t stop there. As you see in one of the pictures above, there is a raw chocolate milk. More specifically, Chocolate Maca Milk. Holy Gazoly. This was … awesome. It was so wonderful that I had to get another. After drinking those, which included stellar ingredients like, ehem, raw cacao, maca, and mucuna, I couldn’t help but get completely blissed. I felt absolutely amazing – so much that I texted Alexandra telling her I was having one of the best days ever and it was because of her Chocolate Maca Milk(s). And. I gotta say, I love that they sweetened it with xylitol. I’ve been playing around with different sweeteners myself lately and they knocked this recipe out of the park with it.

Now there’s a powerful combo. Get your body jazzed up with fresh green juice and raw Chocolate Maca Milk. Kapowza!

The food I had was great, too. I couldn’t wait to get home to try it so I dove in right away (mom was driving).

Elmo made an appearance. Thankfully, I carry Elmo flatware in my purse for Kamea, when needed for her… or me.

I plan on making it a regular outing for us to stop in for nourishing raw goodies at Kaleidoscope Juice. Hopefully, I’ll see some of you there, too.

Food-n-Juice for thought: With the holidays coming we all have extra busy lives and a new year around the corner (resolutions, anyone?). Power up your body with nutrient dense juices and foods by trying Kaleidoscope Juice. I think juice loading phases are extra great this time of year as we approach heavier traffic, long days (and even longer nights), holiday shopping, and parties. Heck, I like juice loading before, during, and after the holidays. That’s how my family rolls. ;)

One word: Yum!

Check them out if you’re in the area. You can find them at 4014 Goldwater Blvd, Scottsdale Arizona (corner of Indian School and Goldwater. Right beside the Poisoned Pen in the brick building.) But, if you can’t get down to visit them, let them come to you. Just give them a call at 480-980-8677. They also deliver to hotels next time you’re in town if you’re not a local AND they do corporate delivery. Next time you have a big meeting and want your employees revved up and feeling great, bring in Kaleidoscope Juice for lunch. Witness high vibe food and juice in action.

Facebook Fan Page. Um. Yeah. I’m a fan!

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