Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Our Fun Trip to Sedona, AZ

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Here are some fun eats and pictures from our recent getaway to Sedona, AZ.

The red rock is all around and draws you in.

One of our first stops was New Frontiers health food store, my favorite, and then to Chocolatree  restaurant (organic, mostly raw, all vegan, gluten free, non gmo, soy free… you get the picture).

One of their specialties is raw chocolate. OMG. OMG. Divine… and pretty much every flavor and sweetener is used so there are plenty of choices. Kamea is as excited as I am. She loves raw chocolate.

A close up. Chocolate wasn’t the only thing I ate there though. Two days in a row I chowed down on their gluten free (cooked) waffles. Kamea likes their gluten free toast, too.

I always get their Chai Almond Milk (iced) because it’s powerfully potent with flavor and deliciousness. But, on one visit they were out. Gasp! No worries… I adapted and had their iced Adaptogenic Tea. (hehe) Boy, was I glad I tried that. I’m hooked. Now, every time I go, I need both the Chai Almond Milk and the Adaptogenic Iced Tea.

Super good raw mediterranean wrap. Greg liked it, too. We’ll order it again next time.

Whooooo Doggy! This cooked dish was right up my ally. It was wild rice and cooked mushrooms tossed in a garlic almond (I think) sauce. It was soooo good. Kamea loved it as well. She’s a mushroom fan. :)

I could’ve eaten at Chocolatree for every meal, but I wasn’t the only one in our party. My mother-in-law was with us so we opted for a groovy Oaxacan restaurant where Greg had the marinated and grilled nopales cactus with romesco sauce. It was interesting (in a good way) and we’d get it again. I didn’t order food at the restaurant, because I filled up with gluten-free waffles at Chocolatree before we headed out for the day.

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