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NutriBullet – Perfect For Magical Superhero Tonic Elixirs, Travel, and Protein Drinks

by Kristen Suzanne in superfoods, travel, Vitamix

I have a new friend in my kitchen: The NutriBullet blender.


Now, you might be asking yourself why I would buy this when I have both a Vitamix and a Blendtec. I bought it for two main reasons, well, three kind of.

  1. The first – AND MAIN – reason is for travel. The NutriBullet makes a great travel blender (or for having at work). Up until now I was using a Tribest Personal Blender for traveling, but it recently puttered out (it’s cute that Tribest advertises its motor as powerful with 200 watts, but the NutriBullet boasts 600 watts of power – now that’s rightly powerful). As I was researching the new options for a travel blender, I became aware of the NutriBullet, and after reading the great specs and reviews, I decided that it was the best option for me.
  2. I also bought it because I am adding Superhero Superherb Superfood Tonic Elixirs into our life, and the NutriBullet fits the bill for making these (so does any blender though – for the most part).

The components. It’s a 12-piece set.

Furthermore, (the third reason) it’s no surprise that I enjoy protein shakes – um, hello, (normally) yummy Immortal Machine (read my updated review of this product). Although a lot of people just shake and go (mixing protein powder with water in a shaker bottle and physically shaking it), I prefer mine blended up (quickly) so they get really smooth (zero clumps). Well, my cute little NutriBullet does this great, and if I want, I can drink it right from the BPA-free carafe it’s blended in. Helpful in times of rushing out the door. However, I usually transfer it to a fancy or fun glass. Any blender does the job for blending protein shakes, but since I needed something for travel, I can use this as well. And, I’ll be honest, when I have new kitchen friends, I’m inspired and motivated for healthy living and foods, so whatever it takes, eh?

Tonic ingredients getting ready for a quick but effective blend.

Relaxing Wake Up Tonic Elixir: warm teas (chaga, Spring Dragon, rose hips, nettle, raspberry leaf, lemon balm), raw cacao paste, coconut oil, tonic herbs, and stevia. Blended up with my new NutriBullet. I love the foamy head on it.

Nifty little recipe book featuring recipes with super foods like hemp and goji berries. No wonder with David Wolfe being involved.

Some specifics about the NutriBullet that turned me on to it:

  1. Larger carafe than most blenders in this category. It holds 24oz. My Tribest Personal Blender only held about 16 oz which was not ideal. Can’t do much with 16 ounces, but with the ability to have 24 ounces using the NutriBullet my options greatly expand.
  2. I am able to use warm beverages in the NutriBullet which is very helpful for me. Most of my health-loving elixirs start with a base of extra warm liquid like Spring Dragon tea, an herbal infusion, decaf (or sometimes regular) fair trade organic coffee, or herbal coffee (Dandy Blend – this is surprisingly delightful and satisfying… or Ayurvedic Non-Coffee). The NutriBullet (BPA-free) is great for this. I’ll explain… when I travel to my mom’s house she has a Blendtec blender, and I find that it is difficult to use that with warm or slightly hot liquids for various reasons (leaking, lid wants to blow off, etc – is that just me and user error? lol). That is not the case with my NutriBullet. Since I spend a lot of time at mom’s house, I need this for my longevity elixirs while I’m there. It’s either that or I lug my big ol’ awesome Vitamix over there every time I go, and I already bring enough stuff as it is now that I pack for a toddler.
  3. The NutriBullet also has the ability to make green smoothies and many other options. That will be helpful for me when traveling to places where I don’t have my Vitamix. The NutriBullet boasts a 600-watt powered motor, which is better than the other blenders of this category based on my research.

My overall opinion on its performance is that it was love at first NutriBullet magical elixir moment. It is everything that I hoped it would be for my purposes. If you’re looking for a travel blender (for using at work or on the road), or as a quick option for making superhero elixirs or protein shakes, or if you have green smoothie needs, then the NutriBullet fits the bill. Is there anything wrong with the NutriBullet? It’s pretty fantastic, but I do have one small gripe. If you get one, be sure to screw the bladed-lid on tightly before blending or it could leak. When I screw it on tightly there is no problem.

My superherb-superfood-magical-energy-healing tonic elixir station.

PS. Since writing this, mom bought one so I didn’t have to bring mine to her house. She LOVES it. She uses it for her protein shakes and green smoothies and reports back that it makes them creamy and wonderful.

PPS. The NutriBullet makes a great gift. It’s a travel blender for people who love their green smoothies, but don’t have the ability to take them while traveling. It’s perfect for using at work, too. I’d also classify it as a good “entry-level blender” for those people who are new to healthy eating.

PPPS. I named my NutriBullet, Merlin, because of Merlin the Wizard. My Merlin takes the awesome ingredients I put in him and turns them into magic drinks that make me happy and feeling great all day long.

PPPPS. Although I use an affiliate link to Amazon for this product, you might want to check your local Bed Bath and Beyond or Target as well for better prices. Amazon seems to change their prices on this item.

PPPPPS. Have a great day! ;)

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