Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

Dehydrating… PICKLES? OLIVES? Why not?

by Kristen Suzanne in dehydrator

Experimenting in the kitchen is always a fun time, especially when the result is a success. Here’s one to share… Who knew that dehydrating pickles and olives would be an option? Come to find out… it is.

Dehydrated pickles and olives

In the picture above you see organic sweet relish type pickles (from Trader Joe’s, already cut), sliced organic dill pickles (Trader Joe’s, again, already pre-sliced for sandwiches), and green olives on the right (those needed to be sliced). I was really pleased with the results of dehydrating these things.The sweet chunky pickles had a delightful chewy and salty texture. Great for eating a few by themselves or tossing on a salad. The dill sandwich slices are a salty, delicious, crunchy, and airy treat. And, the olives took on a fun chewy-ish type texture, salty too, of course, and good.

Although making these is new to me, and so they’re not featured in my book about dehydrating raw vegan foods… there are a bunch of other great recipes in it. You can pick up a hard copy through Amazon (or the ebook right here).

If you don’t have a dehydrator yet, I’d say the best ones on the market are by Excalibur and Sedona (you really can’t go wrong with either). Remember my recent post about dehydrating marinated mushrooms and onions? Making those is worth the price of a dehydrator alone.

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